Medicare Compensation Recovery

If you get more than $5,000 compensation, the payer will tell us so we can check if you get other benefits for your injury.

You need to know

Compensation payments

You could get money if someone injures you or makes you ill. We call this compensation.

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Paying back care costs

When your claim reaches settlement or judgment and is more than $5,000 including legal costs, you must repay all care costs relating to your injury or illness.

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Paying back Medicare benefits

When you get compensation for an injury or illness, you aren’t eligible to also receive benefits that relate to that injury or illness.

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First steps

When your compensation claim reaches judgment or settlement

You’ll get a compensation payment when your claim reaches judgment or settlement.

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Advance payment

Your compensation payer can pay us a 10% advance of your compensation payment in some circumstances.

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Sharing your information

You must give us written permission before we can share your information with someone else.

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Contacting us

Existing customers

If we disagree with your Medicare history statement

We’ll ask you to review your Medicare history statement if we think you haven’t listed services used for your injury or illness.

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Asking for a review of your repayment amount

You may ask for a review if we have told you that you have to repay all the services listed on your Medicare history statement.

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Money you get for your injury or illness counts as income. Find out how this could affect your income support payments if you get them. Read more about Centrelink Compensation Recovery.

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Page last updated: 20 April 2018