Medicare online accounts

Medicare letters online

You can get some of your Medicare letters online through the myGov Inbox, instead of the post.

Getting letters online

By getting your letters online you can:

  • view, print, and save your letters
  • get your letters sooner
  • have online access to letters we send you for 90 days, and
  • help the environment by reducing your paper mail

Letters available online

You can get:

  • your statement of Medicare benefits by EFT, and
  • some of your Medicare Safety Net letters

We’ll send all other Medicare letters to your postal address until they’re available online.


To subscribe to Medicare online letters:

  • sign in to your myGov account and link it to Medicare - register now if you don't have an online account
  • we’ll deliver available letters to your myGov Inbox – you’ll get an SMS or email notification from myGov to let you know when there’s a message in your Inbox
  • sign in to your myGov account and view the letter from your Inbox

Changing how you get your letters

You can use your Medicare online account to change the way you get your letters.

  1. Sign in to myGov and go to your linked Medicare account.
  2. Select Medicare letters online.
  3. Change your preference by selecting the relevant checkbox and submit.

You can also call us to change your preference. We’ll send all of your letters to your postal address if you change your preference to paper mail.

If your preference is to get online letters, you won’t get letters in the post, except for those not available online.

Letters sent to your myGov Inbox will be available in your Inbox for 90 days. The system will remove them automatically after this time. This includes unread letters. Make sure you save or print the letters you want to keep before the system removes them.

If you need a removed letter, you can contact us.


You’ll be unsubscribed from Medicare letters online if you:

  • cancel your Medicare online account
  • are no longer eligible for a Medicare online account, or
  • cancel or unlink from your myGov account

Letters sent to your myGov Inbox will remain available for 90 days.

If you unlink your Medicare online account, you can’t access letters previously sent to your myGov Inbox. If you relink to your Medicare account your letters will be available, as long as it’s within 90 days.

We’ll send any future letters to you in the post.

Help using your online account

For information about your myGov account, and the Inbox, go to myGov.

If you need help with your Medicare online account, read the online account guides.

Call us if you have an enquiry about:

  • your online mail preference, or
  • a letter you’ve got
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