Medicare online accounts

Troubleshooting Medicare online accounts

Help is available for issues you may have with accessing Medicare online accounts.

Problems logging on

Your address needs to match what we have on record. When you enter your address, just put in the suburb or town and postcode on your Medicare record. Don’t enter any other details about your address.

Session time out

Once you’ve logged on, if you stop using your online account for more than 10 minutes, your session will time out. You’ll have to log back on to your Medicare online account through myGov.

This is a security measure to protect your information. If you’re on a computer that other people use and forget to log out, they won’t be able to see your information after 10 minutes.

Supported browsers and devices

We support most internet browsers and assistive technologies. We regularly improve our service to support the browsers you use.

You must have cookies and JavaScript enabled in your browser for your Medicare online account to work correctly .

Read more about supported mobile devices for accessing the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

myGov access issues

For issues trying to sign in to myGov read the myGov help page.

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