Medicare Safety Net

What a safety net is

The Medicare Safety Net provides a higher Medicare benefit for out of hospital costs. Your doctor’s visit will still cost the same, but we’ll give you a higher benefit back.

You must meet certain rules before you’re eligible for us to pay a Safety Net benefit.

We calculate the Safety Net on a calendar year, 1 January to 31 December.

It applies to singles, or members of a registered Medicare Safety Net family.

If you’re registered as a family or couple, we combine your medical costs so that you are more likely to reach the thresholds sooner.

Types of safety nets

There are 2 Medicare Safety Nets:

  • Original Medicare Safety Net (OMSN)
  • Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN)

Types of thresholds

There are 3 Medicare Safety Net thresholds:

  • OMSN – Original threshold
  • EMSN – Extended Medicare Safety Net General threshold
  • EMSN – Concessional and FTB Part A threshold

Page last updated: 2 January 2019