Getting Medicare benefits

We need your bank account details to pay your Medicare benefit to you. If we don’t have your details, we’ll hold your benefit until you tell us.

Beware of scam messages. We won’t send you links in an email or SMS or ask you to reply by email or SMS. Read more about scams and your online security.

We pay Medicare benefits to you using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). To pay you, we need your current bank details. We can’t pay you with a cheque or cash.

We’ll hold your Medicare benefit if we don’t have your bank details. We’ll write to you within 2 days of assessing your claim. We’ll tell you how to give us your bank details so we can pay you.

Keep in mind we only send you one letter. We won’t write to you each time we hold your Medicare benefit.

How to give us your bank details

If we don’t have your bank account details, you need to give them to us. We need your BSB, account number and account name.

Follow the steps below to give us your bank details.


Add your bank account details using either:

To add your bank details using your Medicare online account, follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to your Medicare online account through myGov.
  2. Select Proceed to online account.
  3. Select Banking details.
  4. Enter your bank details, then select Submit.

You can read our guide to help you add your bank details using your Medicare online account through myGov.

To add your bank details using the app, follow these steps.

  1. Open the app and enter your 4 digit PIN.
  2. Select My Profile, on the home screen.
  3. Select Finance.
  4. Select Bank details, enter your bank details, then select Next.

If you’re a first time user of the app, log in using your myGov username and password. This consists of 2 letters and 6 numbers and can be found in your myGov account under Account Settings.

Complete a form

You can print and complete the bank account details collection form. Send the form to the address on the form or take it to a service centre.

Visit or call us

Visit your nearest service centre or call the Medicare general enquiries line.

How to check if we have your bank details

You can check your bank account details with either your:

In your online account, select Banking details on the main page to see your details.

In the app, go to My Profile and select Finance.

How we pay your held benefits

As soon as you tell us your bank account details, we can pay you your Medicare benefits.

We’ll automatically pay any future benefits into the same account once the claim has been assessed and approved.

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