Leaving school

Information to help you choose your next adventure if you’re about to or have just finished school.

Further study

So you plan to do further study at a tertiary institution or through vocational placement.

Here’s some information to help you:

Entering a trade or full time work

You’re done with the text books and on to your next adventure. It might be paid employment, an apprenticeship, starting your own business or something else.

Here’s some information to help you:

Not sure what’s next

If you need help making your next decision check out these options from our information partners. Each of these links will take you off the Human Services website.

Job Outlook - industry and occupation information.

myfuture - make the right career decisions for you.

My Skills - further education and training options.

jobactive - look for jobs and get support as a job seeker.

Study Assist - information about government help to pay for tertiary study.

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Page last updated: 18 July 2018