Payments for families

We have payments and services to help with your child's education and health care.

Payments to help families

We provide payments to help you with the costs of raising children.

Our Payment and Service Finder shows you payment options for your family.

Birth and adoption

Read more about payments if you're having a baby or adopting a child.

Raising children

Family Tax Benefit and Parenting Payment can help with the cost of raising children. This can be your birth, foster or adopted child. It can also be a grandchild.

Double Orphan Pension can help you care for children who are orphans. You may also be eligible if:

  • one parent has died and the other parent can’t care for the child due to special circumstances, or
  • the child is a refugee who can’t be cared for by their parents

Rent Assistance and Telephone Allowance can make household costs easier if you receive certain payments from us.

Help with child care

Child Care Benefit helps with costs of child care.

Child Care Rebate covers 50% of out of pocket costs for approved child care. There is an annual limit per child.

Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance can help eligible parents with the cost of approved child care. It covers some of the gap fee left by Child Care Benefit when you:

  • look for jobs
  • study
  • undertake training, or
  • work

Time limits apply

Submit your claim early to make sure you receive your full payment. Read more about time limits for claiming family payments.

When a child has died

If your baby was stillborn, your family may be eligible to receive:

If your baby or child has died after birth, your family may be eligible to receive a Bereavement Payment.

Help with education

Youth Allowance helps people who are:

  • 16 to 24 years of age
  • full time students or apprentices
  • looking for work, or
  • sick

Or, if eligible, you can receive Family Tax Benefit Part A for your children who are studying towards a year 12 or equivalent qualification. This will be up to the end of the calendar year they turn 19 years of age.

The Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme helps parents and carers with children who can’t go to a state school. This can be because they live in a remote area, have special needs or disability.

ABSTUDY helps with costs for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australians who are:

  • studying, or
  • doing an Australian Apprenticeship

Pensioner Education Supplement and ABSTUDY Pensioner Education Supplement can help students. It can help with costs of full time or part time study, in a secondary or tertiary course. You need to be receiving certain income support payments to receive this.

Education Entry Payment is for people receiving some income support payments to help with the cost of study.

Caring for a child with disability or a medical condition

Carer Adjustment Payment is a one off payment. It helps families when a child up to 6 years of age is diagnosed with:

  • a severe illness
  • medical condition, or
  • major disability

Carer Payment supports you if you can’t work in substantial paid employment. This can be providing full time daily care to:

  • someone with severe disability or medical condition, or
  • someone who is frail aged

Carer Allowance is an income supplement for parents or carers. You need to provide daily care for someone:

  • with disability
  • with a medical condition, or
  • who is frail aged

Child Disability Assistance Payment is a yearly payment to help parents with the costs of caring for a child with disability.

Essential Medical Equipment Payment is a yearly payment to help with increases to home energy costs. This can be from the use of essential medical equipment to help manage disability or a medical condition.

Health care

We provide financial support to help families with the cost of health care.

Medicare payments and services can help with the cost of health care services or medicine.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule helps with the cost of basic dental services for children 2 to 17 years of age.

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Scheme helps families with the cost of treatment for cleft lip and cleft palate conditions.

Continence Aids Payment Scheme helps people who have permanent and severe incontinence with the cost of incontinence products.

Household assistance

Each year, eligible households receive Single Income Family Supplement.

You may receive Energy Supplement with your regular payment.

Other government and community support services

There are a range of other organisations that provide support services and useful information. You can use Payment and Service Finder to locate help in your local area.

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Page last updated: 2 May 2018