Create a voiceprint

You can setup a voice print over the phone. A voiceprint is a secure way to confirm your identity when you call us.

About voiceprints

A voiceprint uses the distinctive features in your voice. This includes its sound, rhythm and pattern. Your voiceprint is unique to you. It’s a secure way of confirming your identity.

If you create a voiceprint, you:

  • can save time confirming your identity when you phone us
  • don’t need to remember or use your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • don’t need to answer security questions every time you call us.

Create your voiceprint

Creating a voiceprint is optional. Our telephone system may ask if you want to create a voiceprint. You can also talk to a service officer about creating a voiceprint.

You can choose to create a voiceprint at a time that suits you or when you next call us.

To create a voiceprint, you’ll need your Customer Reference Number (CRN). If you have a Centrelink PIN, we’ll ask you to tell us this as well.

Before you create your voiceprint, you’ll need all of these:

  • your Customer Reference Number (CRN)
  • your PIN, if you have one
  • your driver licence, bank account and Medicare number we have on record.

To create your voiceprint follow these steps.

  1. Phone us.
  2. Listen to our recorded messages.
  3. Enter your CRN and PIN, if you have one.
  4. Accept the offer of voiceprint.
  5. We’ll ask you to repeat the phrase In Australia, my voice identifies me 3 times. This is how we create your voiceprint.
  6. We’ll ask you to enter your PIN. If you did not enter your PIN or don’t have one, you’ll need to answer further security questions. We’ll check information you’ve given us before, such as your driver licence, bank account number and Medicare number. Have them handy when you phone.
  7. If you give us the correct answers for the questions, we’ll confirm that you have created your voiceprint.

You’ll be able to use your voiceprint to confirm your identity in future.

Use your voiceprint

To use your voiceprint, follow these steps when you call us.

  1. When asked, enter your CAN or CRN.
  2. When prompted, repeat the phrase In Australia my voice identifies me to confirm your identity.
  3. You can then access the main menu and do your business with us securely.

Security, privacy and fraud

Voiceprint is secure, accurate and reliable.

When you phone us, our system checks your voice against the voiceprint you created. It uses secure technologies to hear parts of your voice that are different to those heard by the human ear.

Voiceprint allows for:

  • background noise
  • accents
  • changes in your voice.

You can even use voiceprint if you have a cold.

It's very difficult for someone to access your personal information. The system can tell when someone is pretending to be you or using a recording of your voice. We won’t give them access to your details.

Read more about other ways we help you stay safe online.

Delete your voiceprint

Voiceprint is the most secure way that you can deal with us over the phone.

This is an optional service. You can request for us to delete it at any time. For security reasons, you'll need to call us and speak to one of our staff about deleting your voiceprint.

Page last updated: 14 May 2019