Seasonal work preclusion period

The seasonal work preclusion period applies if you or your partner have finished seasonal, contract or intermittent work within 6 months of submitting your claim.

You may have a seasonal work preclusion period before you get your payment.

The seasonal work preclusion period may apply to you if you're submitting a claim for:

The length of time you have to wait before we pay you will depend on how much you earned and how long you were working.

Seasonal, contract or intermittent work

Seasonal work is work you do that's only available for part of each year.

Contract work is any work you do under a contract for a specific purpose or time, including sub contract work.

Intermittent work is work that's available from time to time. This includes work:

  • you can reasonably predict will end or not be available for a period
  • less than 1 year and doesn't accrue leave entitlements.

Examples of seasonal, contract and intermittent work:

  • fruit picking
  • harvesting
  • shearing
  • fishing
  • consultancy work
  • work on building sites
  • work that has regular shutdowns, such as factories that temporarily shut down for the Christmas period, or for regular maintenance
  • work in the arts and entertainment industries
  • work that stops and starts with regularity, such as work in the mining or oil industry
  • work that's temporary by nature
  • relief teaching or relief work in the health industry, and
  • non-ongoing work, or work where a period of unemployment is predictable

Seasonal, contract and intermittent work details

You'll need to download and complete the Seasonal, Contract, and Intermittent Work Details form before you make a claim for a payment. This applies if you or your partner have done any seasonal, contract or intermittent work within the past 6 months.

If you do any work, you must report your earnings while you're getting a payment from us.

Exemptions or waivers

You may be exempt for the seasonal work preclusion period if:

  • you have permanent employment expected to last more than 12 months
  • you have any employment, other than seasonal work, where they paid you leave entitlements
  • you're in a rehabilitation program
  • your jobactive provider places you in stream C, or
  • you're doing an activity undertaken as part of the Community Development Program

We may waive the seasonal work preclusion period if you're in severe financial hardship.

Page last updated: 9 January 2019

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