Annual Report 2016-17

Appendix H - Advertising and market research - Annual Report 2015-16

Communication and advertising campaigns

The department did not undertake any communication or advertising campaigns in 2015-16.

Advertising costs - Media advertising

In 2015-16 the total departmental expenditure on advertising was $2,650,421 compared to $2,543,715 in 2014-15. This includes expenditure on print and online advertising in areas such as recruitment, public notices and tenders.

Table 90: Costs associated with advertising
Payee Purpose 2015-16
Dentsu Michell Media Australia Pty Ltd Advertising 842,404
Sensis Pty Ltd White Pages 1,808,017
Total 2,650,421

Market research payments

The department commissioned the projects listed in Table 91. They involved gathering, analysing and reporting information from external audiences or sources to provide insight on a particular topic or issue.

Table 91: Payments associated with market research organisations1
Vendor Description 2015-161
$ (including GST)
Colmar Brunton Testing of revised child support assessment notices 76,857
Colmar Brunton Family and domestic violence communication testing2 15,000
Colmar Brunton CAP (Indigenous community) agents survey 20152 32,281
DBM Consultants Integrated customer satisfaction program 1,482,294
Dialogue Consulting Social media strategy evaluation 17,270
EY Sweeney Service delivery communication testing2 24,000
instinct and reason Operational communication for Medicare Benefits Schedule changes for new Medicare safety net 56,000
instinct and reason Departmental audiences communication 237,600
Lonergan Research Testing A guide to Australian Government payments 80,927
Market Access Consulting and Research Exploring the use of channels for correspondence 79,640
Market Access Consulting and Research News for Seniors research2 48,950
Multicultural Marketing and Management Accessibility of Human Services website for culturally and linguistically diverse customers 156,985
ORC International Evaluate the myGov Albury shopfront 54,967
ORC International Review of internal communication 54,856
Taylor Nelson Sofres Recruitment services 14,791
Taylor Nelson Sofres Digital services and transformation communication2 91,894
ThinkPlace Research and facilitation services 47,766
University of Canberra Disability barriers in the Australian Public Service 27,500
Zebra Research Customer service research feedback video 20,680
Total   2,620,258

1. Details of payments to market research organisations, above the threshold amount, is included to comply with Section 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

2. Relates to payments in 2015-16 for research funded from and completed in 2014-15.

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