Annual Report 2016-17

Appendix A - Human Services (Medicare) Act 1973 Report - Annual Report 2015-16

The Human Services (Medicare) Act 1973 provides for the Chief Executive Medicare to authorise the exercise of powers pursuant to section 8L of the Act, and are contained within the statutory reporting requirements pursuant to section 42 of the Act.

Table 74: Human Services (Medicare) Act 1973 - section 42 reporting requirements1
Section 42(1) paragraphs: (a) to (h) 2013-14 2014-15 2015-162
(a) The number of signed instruments made under section 8M 5 1 5
(b) The number of notices in writing given under section 8P 161 283 49
(c) The number of notices in writing given to individual patients under section 8P. Note: this is a subset of (b) above 6 0 0
(d) The number of premises entered under section 8U 0 0 0
(e) The number of occasions when powers were used under section 8V 0 0 0
(f) The number of search warrants issued under section 8Y 14 2 83
(g) The number of search warrants issued by telephone or other electronic means under section 8Z 0 0 0
(h) The number of patients advised in writing under section 8ZN 0 0 4034

1. Where powers are exercised in relation to a record containing clinical records, the Chief Executive Medicare must advise the patient in writing, except under specific circumstances, for example, where after reasonable inquiries the patient could not be located or contacting the patient would jeopardise the investigation.

2. Statistics as at 30 June 2016 and relate to Health Professional matters under investigation within the Department of Health, Health Provider Compliance Division.

3. Relates to 2 investigations.

4. Relates to 1 investigation.

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