Annual Report 2016-17

Our partners and portfolio entities - Annual Report 2015-16

Australian Hearing

Australian Hearing is a non-General Government Sector entity established under the Australian Hearing Services Act 1991 (AHS Act). As such, Australian Hearing is not consolidated into the Commonwealth General Government Sector fiscal estimates. Accordingly, Australian Hearing is not reported in the Portfolio Budget Statements or the Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements. Australian Hearing is a corporate Commonwealth entity under the PGPA Act and is governed by a board appointed by the Minister for Human Services.

Australian Hearing delivers hearing services to eligible Australians under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program which is administered by the Office of Hearing Services within the Department of Health.

The department works closely with Australian Hearing, providing advice to the Minister in connection with the Minister’s responsibilities regarding Australian Hearing. The department also liaises with relevant stakeholder departments such as the Department of Health, the Department of Finance, and the Department of Social Services in relation to Australian Hearing, to support the provision of advice to the Minister and the Secretary.

Partnerships with Australian Government agencies

The department is responsible for delivering payments and services on behalf of a wide range of Australian Government agencies. The department’s partnerships with these agencies are characterised by early engagement, regular consultation, recognition of expertise and information sharing. For example, the department is working closely with the Digital Transformation Office and other relevant agencies on the design and implementation of the Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda.

The department also supports the delivery of Australian Government outcomes through working with Australian Government agencies on a range of activities that include data exchange, the National Emergency Call Centre Surge Capability, shared corporate services, co-location, myGov and ICT infrastructure support.

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Partnerships with state and territory government and other organisations

The department continued to work collaboratively with state, territory and local governments, as well as other organisations, to deliver payments and services.

The department also leads a number of whole-of-Government transformation projects, including the ongoing development and refinement of myGov, and a whole-of-government solution to enhance speech capability using ‘voice print’ technology for customers. We continue to contribute to two Australian Taxation Office projects to deliver Australian Business Number (ABN) linking to myGov and Relationships and Authorisations Management.

International partnerships

The department administers formal social security agreements with 30 countries. These agreements outline the shared responsibility for social security coverage and entitlements when people move between the agreement countries. At 30 June 2016, 75,104 customers were paid an Australian pension under international agreements compared to 69,751 the previous year.

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