Annual Report 2016-17

Consultancy Contracts - Annual Report 2015-16

The department’s consultancy contracts are categorised in accordance with the PGPA Rule for annual reports and the Department of Finance guidance on reporting on consultancies. In addition to the requirements of the department’s procurement guidelines and policies, all proposals for consultancy services are referred to a procurement specialist before being approved by the relevant Deputy Secretary.

The department engages consultants to provide specialist professional services, independent research or assessment, and other necessary skills that are otherwise unavailable in the department.

The department is in the process of major transformational change in areas such as our welfare payment system. To ensure that we are accessing the right skills and experience to support this changing environment, the department has seen an increase in the use of consultancies during 2015-16.

In 2015-16 the department spent $1,613,393 on a total of 9 consultancy contracts, with $131,622 being spent on 3 ongoing contracts and the balance on 6 new contracts.

Table 63 below shows total expenditure (including GST) on consultancy contracts for the current and previous 2 financial years.

Information about the contract value of departmental contracts and consultancies is available on the Appendix H.

Table 63: Expenditure on consultancy services
Total consultancy services expenditure 921,930 543,534 1,613,393

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