Annual Report 2016-17

Cyber security

Government operates in an environment of cyber security threats that are growing in number and sophistication.

The department addresses the threat landscape by consistently improving its ability to protect the extensive recipient data holdings and payment systems the department administers.

In December 2016, the department established a 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Centre to strengthen its cyber security capabilities. The department's Cyber Security Operations Centre works collaboratively with national and international agencies as well as multiple vendors to ensure its operations are in line with global best practice. The department's cyber security governance, management and operational practices are designed to protect its business and provide assurance in response to the changing threat landscape.

In March 2017, the ANAO released its Cybersecurity Follow-up Audit, which rated the department as 'cyber resilient' and fully compliant with the Australian Signals Directorate's top four cyber risk mitigation strategies. The establishment of the Cyber Security Branch and the Cyber Security Operations Centre has contributed significantly to that achievement.

In addition to its cyber security operations, the department is focussed on increasing cyber security awareness with its workforce as an additional line of defence.

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