Annual Report 2016-17

Part 5 - Governance and accountability

Strong governance is essential to the department delivering outcomes in controlled, transparent and accountable ways.

ANAO access clause
All departmental contract templates include a standard clause providing the Auditor-General with appropriate access to a contractor’s premises and records.

External scrutiny
In 2016-17 the ANAO tabled six performance audit reports involving the department, making a total of 15 recommendations relevant to the department.

Service commitments and feedback
Our service commitments are a public expression of the department's vision of delivering excellent services to the Australian people while delivering on the outcomes and expectations of government.

Corporate services
At 30 June 2017 the department leased 430 commercial properties covering 727,161 square metres.

Environmental management
The department is committed to carrying out business in an environmentally responsible and resource efficient way.

The department conducts its procurement activities in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs).

Consultancy contracts
The department's consultancy contracts are categorised in accordance with the Public Governance Performance and Accountability Rule 2014 for annual reports and the guidance from the Department of Finance on reporting consultancies.

Exempt contracts
In 2016-17 the department had no contracts or standing offers that were exempted by the Secretary from publication on AusTender.

There were no grants awarded by the Department of Human Services during 2016-17.

The department is responsible for delivering payments and services on behalf of a wide range of Australian Government agencies.

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