The department is responsible for delivering payments and services on behalf of a wide range of Australian Government agencies.

Partnerships with Australian Government agencies

The department’s model for partnering with agencies is characterised by early engagement, regular consultation, recognition of expertise, and information sharing. For example, to support the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in conducting the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, the department provided contact centre services and support for the ABS’s remote servicing strategy.

The department also supports the delivery of Australian Government outcomes by working with other government agencies on a range of activities. These include data exchange, customer‑centric approaches and user testing, service delivery co‑design, corporate shared services, co‑location, myGov and ICT infrastructure support, and the National Emergency Call Centre Surge Capability.

More information on the payments and services the department delivers on behalf of the Australian Government is on its website.

Partnerships with state and territory governments and other organisations

The department continues to work with state, territory and local governments, as well as other organisations, to deliver payments and services.

The department also contributes to a number of whole‑of‑government transformation projects led by the Digital Transformation Agency. These include reviewing and modernising the myGov user experience and developing a whole‑of‑government digital identity solution.

The Department of Health is leading work associated with modernising the health and aged care payment systems. While this is underway, the department is focusing on ensuring that the existing health and aged care payment systems deliver high‑quality, reliable services.

International partnerships

The department administers formal social security agreements with 31 countries. These agreements outline the shared responsibility for social security coverage and entitlements when people move between the agreement countries. At 30 June 2018, 77,192 people received an Australian pension under international agreements.

Page last updated: 1 July 2019

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