Organisational structure

Organisational structure as at 30 June 2018.


Responsible for supporting the Minister for Human Services in the delivery of portfolio responsibilities and the development of strategic policy advice. The Secretary provides strategic oversight, leadership and management of the department, ensuring collaborative implementation and delivery of government policy and programs and a whole-of-government approach to service delivery. The Secretary also manages key stakeholder relationships and contributes to the stewardship of the APS.

Deputy Secretary, Payments Reform

Responsible for leading the department’s welfare payments transformation agenda, including the design and implementation of a business model for welfare payments and working with the Chief Information Officer Group on the development of new ICT systems. The Deputy Secretary also has responsibility for the department’s customer experience functions and leading the department’s enterprise transformation.

Deputy Secretary, Service Delivery Operations

Responsible for the effective operation of the department’s face-to-face service centres delivering Medicare, Child Support and Centrelink services as well as phone and processing smart centres for Child Support and Centrelink services. The Deputy Secretary is also responsible for coordinating the department’s response to emergencies and for developing and delivering the department’s Indigenous and multicultural servicing strategies. The Deputy Secretary is the Chief Executive Centrelink under section 7(2)(b) of the Human Services (Centrelink) Act 1997.

Deputy Secretary, Health and Aged Care

Responsible for administering and delivering new and existing programs for the Department of Health and other agencies. The Deputy Secretary is the Chief Executive Medicare under section 4(2)(b) of the Human Services (Medicare) Act 1973.

Deputy Secretary, Integrity and Information

Responsible for administering the department’s fraud and compliance risk programs, which aim to maintain the integrity of outlays for social welfare and Medicare public claims. The Deputy Secretary is also responsible for administering the department’s strategic information data holdings and associated analysis.

Deputy Secretary, Programme Design

Responsible for leading and managing a range of welfare programs the department delivers on behalf of the Department of Social Services, the Department of Jobs and Small Business, the Department of Education and Training and other policy departments. The Deputy Secretary leads a group with expertise in policy interpretation, program design and project management that aligns policy intent and program outcomes.

Deputy Secretary, Enabling Services

Responsible for providing support to the Minister and to the management of the department’s programs and projects; and for communications, legal matters and the strategic governance of the department.

Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services

Responsible for leading the department’s workforce and culture to drive increased innovation, productivity and engagement. The Deputy Secretary is responsible for developing initiatives to improve the security, health and safety of the department’s people, and for procurement and contract management, property, audit and financial management.

Chief Information Officer

Responsible for developing and delivering the department’s ICT capability. This includes ensuring the reliability of the department’s systems and developing fit-for-purpose systems to support the department’s future direction.

Organisation structure

Organisational structure as at 30 June 2018

Organisational chart as at 30 June 2018 (accessible version)

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