Part 2 - Outcomes and programs

Outcomes and programs.

Outcome and program structure
The department has one outcome and three programs.

Service delivery
Customers have a variety of ways to interact with the department.

Services to the community - Social Security and Welfare (Program 1.1)
The department delivers payments and programs that support families, people with disability, carers, older Australians, job seekers and students.

Services to the community - Health (Program 1.2)
The department is responsible for administering Medicare, which is Australia’s health care system.

Child Support (Program 1.3)
The Child Support Scheme aims to ensure that children receive an appropriate level of financial support from parents who are separating or separated.

Services for people needing other support
The department has a role in providing specialist services for people with greater or special support needs and for vulnerable customers.

Compliance and business integrity
The department’s compliance and business integrity systems ensure that only eligible people receive payments and that they receive the right amount.

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