About the Indigenous Apprenticeships Programme

A career path for Indigenous Australians to start in the Australian Public Service.

Applications for the 2017 IAP intake have now closed.

Our 12 month Indigenous Apprenticeships Programme (IAP) is developed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

It provides a tailored approach to learning, based on academic and cultural needs.

You are offered a full time entry level position, competitive salary and a nationally recognised certificate or diploma.

We are looking for motivated Indigenous Australians with an interest in joining the Australian Public Service.

Recruitment level

We are recruiting at 2 levels. One starts at the APS2 level going up to the APS3 level. The other goes from the APS3 level to the APS4 level.

We will assess you against both levels in our recruitment process. You must meet a number of requirements to advance to the next classification level at the end of programme.

Apprenticeship qualifications

Apprentices will either complete a Certificate IV or Diploma.

Your qualification will depend on the classification level and agency you are placed in.

APS2 apprentices will complete a Certificate IV in Government or one with a focus on Service Delivery.

APS3 apprentices will complete a Diploma in Government.

Positions and placements

You can apply for a role in 1 or more locations. You will be placed in a location based on your location preferences.

In some locations we offer apprenticeships in several departments or agencies. In that case, your application will be considered for all the departments recruiting in this location. If you are assessed and successful, we might offer you positions in more than 1 department.

You can indicate preferences for which departments you would like to work for and why later in the recruitment process.

Apprenticeships are varied but may be offered in the fields of:

  • policy and program development
  • service delivery
  • administration

Participating departments

This year we’re offering a wide range of roles with our department and our partners. They include:

More partners may come on board in the coming months. Check back on this page as we will update it with new partner departments or agencies.

Read more about the IAP recruitment process and find out who we’re looking for.

Page last updated: 31 August 2017