Indigenous Apprenticeships Programme recruitment process

What to expect when you submit your Indigenous Apprenticeship Program (IAP) application.

We have 4 stages in our recruitment process.

Stage 1 - apply

To apply, complete the online application. This includes simple multiple choice questions. They’ll tell us about how you like to work and your strengths and skills.

There is no written selection criteria and no need to study. The exercise is not about knowledge. We then shortlist applications based on your answers and if you’re successful you move to stage 2.

If you can’t submit an online application please contact us to discuss how to apply.

You’ll need to confirm your heritage for the IAP.

Stage 2 - online research task

If you’re successful in stage 1, we’ll invite you to complete an online research task. This will test your computer skills and if you can do basic research online.

If you can’t complete this task, please contact us to arrange another option.

Stage 3 - assessment centres

If you’re successful in stage 2, we’ll ask your referees to complete 2 reports. We’ll then invite you to an assessment centre. This will be a face to face interview and a few short and simple activities. Once again, you don’t need to prepare or study.

If you can’t attend an assessment centre please contact us. We’ll discuss other options and consider them on a case by case basis.

Remember, you must bring 100 points of identification and Indigenous heritage to the assessment centres.

Stage 4 - employment offer

We’ll make offers from late July to September 2018. The IAP will start from mid-November 2018.

We’ll assess you for all roles available in the locations you applied in. If you’re successful, we may offer you more than one job in different departments. If we offer you multiple roles you can choose which one you take. It’s also possible that successful candidates will only get an offer for one placement with one department.

Offers of employment are subject to you meeting all of the pre-employment checks. We may take away your job offer if you get an unsatisfactory report on any of the checks.

You may need to pass all or some of the below character checks:

  • National Criminal History Check (NCHC)
  • security clearance
  • Working with Children or Vulnerable People check
  • referee check, which may include checks on misconduct or code of conduct proceedings
  • medical test, to confirm your fitness for duty and identify any additional support you might need in the workplace
  • HR check for Code of Conduct or performance issues (if you already work for the APS)

Merit pool

If you decline our offer, we’ll ask if you want to stay in the merit pool for future vacancies. We may contact you if there is a job advertised in the APS Employment Gazette. The job must start within 12 months of your placement in the merit pool.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the application process, please email the Indigenous Apprentice Program at Hudson recruitment. You can also call us on 1300 856 993. The phone line is open between 9 am and 7 pm AEST, Monday to Friday except for public holidays. If you can’t contact us during these hours, you can send us an email.

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For job application tips, read the Australian Public Service Commission’s Cracking the code guide.

Page last updated: 13 February 2019