Indigenous Apprenticeships Program – Dee

I’m Dee. I am a Kungarakan woman and I work for the Department of Defence in Melbourne.

I joined Defence as part of the Indigenous Apprenticeships Program (IAP) in 2016.

I came across the IAP when looking for jobs for a friend on the Australian Public Service (APS) website. I knew I had to apply when I saw the many government departments participating in the program. It was also a great opportunity to obtain a Diploma of Government. I wanted to work for the Australian Defence Force. The relationship between Indigenous people and the Defence Force is important. I am from Darwin where this relationship is especially relevant.

I work as a project support officer in the Land Systems Division. I am working on a multi-billion dollar project that involves acquiring a new range of logistic vehicles. As an Aboriginal person, I feel my work is contributing to country and land protection.

The Diploma of Government was fantastic. I will use the skills I learnt for a long time to come. I enjoyed studying the modules of stakeholder engagement, risk analysis and managing change.  It was great to speak with my fellow IAP apprentices and discuss and share our learnings.

My managers and IAP mentor were supportive throughout the program. I would like to further my career within Project Management. I am completing my Diploma in Project Management this year. Defence has supported me in all my career development opportunities. I have attended courses and been a part of some challenging work. My goal is to be a voice for both Aboriginal people and a Defence employee.

My advice for future applicants would be to apply yourself within the workplace and in your studies. It feels great to show up every day and be part of a team that is making a difference. I feel so lucky to have come across the IAP and I’m excited for my career path ahead.

Page last updated: 13 February 2019