National Graduate Program recruitment process

We use innovative methodologies to recruit graduates and match them to the right jobs.

Applying and initial screening

The initial application process includes a set of multiple choice questions which you complete in our online portal.

You will be contacted by email if you have been successful and can progress to the next recruitment stage. There are several different stages throughout this process.

If you can’t submit your application online, please email the recruitment provider or call 1800 242 560.

If you have a disability, we can support you to apply in a way that suits you. We can also make adjustments for you throughout our recruitment process. Email National Graduate Program or call 1800 242 560 to discuss.

There are several different stages throughout this process. You will be advised by email at each stage if you have progressed to the next stage.

2018 intake Graduate recruitment process

Stage 1 - Online gamification test - starts late April 2017
Stage 2 - Online simulation test - starts early May 2017
Stage 3 - Video interview - starts mid May 2017
Stage 4 - Behavioural profiling - starts late May 2017
Stage 5 - Assessment centre and reference checks - starts early June 2017
Pre-employment checks
Letter of offer
Start working with us

Stage 1 - Online gamification test - starts late April 2017

If your initial application is successful you will be invited by email to complete gamification testing. This means you will complete 3 timed games that give us an idea of your skills and abilities in:

  • numerical reasoning
  • verbal reasoning, and
  • abstract reasoning

We’ll send you information on how to access the online gamification, which needs to be downloaded as an application on a compatible mobile device.

Stage 2 - Online simulation test - starts early May 2017

If you are successful in the gamification test you will be invited to complete the second stage of online testing, a situational judgment simulation. These simulations will lead you through a series of realistic scenarios using 3D avatars. You’ll then be asked questions about these scenarios.

Stage 3 - Video interview - starts mid May 2017

If you are invited to complete a video interview, you will receive an email asking you to book a day and a time to complete it. This email will tell you the technology you need, including the use of smart devices such as your phone or tablet. You will have plenty of time to practice using the technology before you complete your video interview.

The video asks 4 questions and will run between 12 and 15 minutes depending on the length of your responses. Once you start the video interview you will not be able to stop, pause, restart or rerecord.

In previous recruitment cycles, we asked questions about your understanding of the department and your aspirations for being part of the program. Each year, we also ask some behavioural questions.

We recommend you prepare for the interview by:

  • researching our department
  • reviewing the key requirements of our program
  • being aware of any broader issues relevant to us and your professional field of study
  • practicing before agreeing to undertake your final video interview
  • ensuring that the device that you plan on using for your video with is working

If you have applied for the Finance or Data Analytics discipline you will also undergo an additional cognitive test at this stage.

Stage 4 - Behavioural profiling - starts late May 2017

Behavioural profiling measures your personality across a range of broad domains. Ratings in each of these areas will give our recruitment team an overall picture of you as well as a sound indication of your suitability for the graduate program roles.

If you are successful in the video interview stage, you will be emailed an invitation to complete the online behavioural profiling before attending an assessment centre.

Stage 5 - Assessment centre and reference checks - starts early June 2017

An assessment centre is the last stage of the recruitment process. It will consist of 3 activities:

  • a behavioural interview
  • a group activity, and
  • a written task

We aim to make the assessment centre as fast as possible to reduce the impact on your study or work time.

The number and location of assessment centres are dependent on the number of candidates getting through to this stage. Locations vary each year, but are usually held in capital cities. We will let you know where the assessment centres will be as soon as we can.

We will try to get you to the closest assessment centre, but you may need to take some time off work or away from your studies to attend. You can only progress to the next stage of the recruitment process after attending a session at an assessment centre.

We do not provide financial assistance to attend assessment centres.

Assessment centres will be held throughout June 2017.

Pre-employment checks

Reference check

Reference checks take place at about the same time as the assessment centres. We encourage you to contact your nominated referees early so they know we may be in contact with them. We may contact a single referee or both.

Referees will be asked to give comments in support of your skills, abilities and past work performance, if applicable.

Entry level check

If you’re offered a position in the program we’ll pay for and complete an entry level check. This is coordinated by an external provider. Your details are entered into a national database to search for any prior infringements or criminal charges.

If criminal charges and infringements are identified, we manage the situation on a case by case basis. The outcome will depend on the situation and information provided by the external provider.

Medical check

The medical check is a general health check to ensure you are fit for work and allows us to make any workplace health adjustments for you if required. You must be deemed fit for work before you can be engaged.

We schedule the medical checks and will find the closest available location to your residential address. Your personal medical provider cannot complete this medical check. It must be completed by our medical providers.

If you’re unable to attend, advise us with more than 24 hours' notice before your scheduled appointment so we can organise a new appointment time.

The results from your medical check may influence your job offer. We manage this on a case by case basis.

Letter of offer

After we complete all recruitment stages and the pre-employment checks, we will send you a letter of offer via email. You will need to read all the information and return the signed letter of offer to us before you start.

All the instructions are included in the pack we send you. The pack also contains information about your salary and conditions of employment.

When you start working with us

We look forward to welcoming graduates in February 2018.

You will start with a 2 week orientation course. It is held at the Louisa Lawson Building in Greenway, Canberra. Orientation introduces you to work in the Australian Public Service and we will outline the opportunities you have on the program. You will also begin the accredited learning component of the program.

Security clearance

All graduates are required to have a baseline security clearance. This is coordinated when you start the program.

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