Temporary employment registers

Our temporary employment registers are open to eligible applicants interested in non-ongoing or irregular and intermittent employment with us.

About the registers

Based on business need, positions may be across a range of:

  • locations
  • business areas
  • classifications.

We have 3 temporary employment registers:

If you’d like us to consider you for all roles, you need to apply to all 3 registers.

When applying you should:

  • review all the required tabs and respond to all questions
  • outline all relevant skills, experience and qualifications
  • complete the preferences tab - we use this information to help match you to available positions.

You’ll get an email confirmation once you’ve submitted your application. If you don’t, check your spam mail as it may be in it. If it’s not, then contact our Recruitment Management team.

Temporary Service Officer register – APS3 and APS4

We use this register to fill APS3 and APS4 positions. Most of these are in customer service delivery roles. They’re in teams responsible for delivering a range of health, social and welfare payments and services.

Before you apply, read the job information pack.

Apply to the Temporary Service Officer register

Temporary program, corporate and administration register – APS1 to EL2

We use this register to fill roles from APS1 to Executive Level 2. We may fill roles in the following operational, program and corporate support areas:

  • administration
  • compliance and risk
  • corporate support
  • fraud and investigation
  • management and leadership
  • procurement and contracting
  • policy and research
  • program management
  • project management.

Apply to the Temporary programme, corporate and administration register

Temporary specialist roles register – APS3 to EL2

We use this register to fill roles from APS3 to Executive Level 2. We look for people with specific skills across a range of the following areas:

  • accounting and finance
  • audit
  • communication and marketing
  • data analytics
  • engineering and technical
  • human resources
  • information communications and technology
  • legal
  • science and health - medical practitioner, nursing and psychology
  • social work.

Apply to the Temporary specialist roles register

Page last updated: 13 February 2019

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