eRecruit user help guide

Help with creating a profile and searching and applying for jobs online.

Before you start

Your email address

Your email address is our primary source of contact with you. It is important that you enter it correctly.

You can’t use internal departmental email addresses when creating your profile. If you work for us, use your personal email address.

Drafting your application responses

Address the selection criteria using examples that demonstrate your abilities and skills. This will help get your application shortlisted for further consideration. Check the position overview to see if there are word limits.

You should draft your responses in a separate document such as Microsoft Word or Notepad to make sure you don’t lose information as the system times out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

You can review your responses and use spell check to check spelling and grammar. When complete you can copy and paste your responses into the online application.

Closing date

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm Canberra time on the closing date advertised. You should speak to the Contact Officer listed in the position overview prior to the closing date if you require permission to submit a late application.

Save the job details

Save a copy of the advertised job details for your future reference as they are not available online after the closing date.

Create a profile

You will need to create a profile so you can log on and apply for jobs using our online application system.

Create your profile

  1. Select Register to open the registration window
  2. Complete your name details under the Name field
  3. Create a user name and password and enter your email address under the User Data field
  4. After you have completed the fields, select Privacy Policy Statement to read the policy. Check the confirmation box to acknowledge you have read and accepted the Privacy Policy Statement
  5. Select Register
  6. The My Profile page will then open for you to complete your profile

To complete your profile you will need to provide:

  • personal details
  • education and training
  • employment history
  • any relevant attachments

Attachments are associated with your profile and not specific to each application. Selection criteria responses must not be uploaded as an attachment. They must be addressed by completing the relevant questionnaire in the application wizard.

You must:

  • complete all mandatory fields. Data will automatically Save as you progress through the application wizard
  • select Add where directed to add your information
  • highlight and select relevant data to Edit where directed to revise your information
  • highlight and select relevant data to Delete where directed to remove your information
  • select Previous step to go back to a previous page and update your details
  • select Overview and Release to set your profile to either:
    • release profile - your profile will appear if we conduct a candidate search. Your profile and skills may be matched against potentially suitable vacancies. If appropriate, we may invite you to apply, or
    • lock profile - your profile does not appear in a candidate search. This means you will not be notified of any potentially suitable vacancies
  • select Complete once you have finished entering and reviewing your personal information

A confirmation message will be displayed to let you know that your profile creation has been successful.

Remember to check your profile information is up to date prior to submitting each of your applications.

Search for current vacancies

  1. Select Job search to start the job search process
  2. Select Search without entering any search criteria to list all available job vacancies in order of date listed
  3. Select Return to search to go back to the job search screen

Keyword search

You can also search for job opportunities using the keyword search option.

  1. Enter the keywords and select a Search Method from the drop down list
  2. Select Search to list vacancies that meet this search criteria
  3. Select the Reset to clear all fields and start a new search

Targeted search

You can also search by state, classification, functional area and employment status for a more targeted search. This will list all available job vacancies that meet your search criteria.

Select Reset to clear all fields and start a new search.

Open the job vacancy detail

Select the title of the job posting to open the position overview. This will show you the job description, key duties and selection criteria for this vacancy.

Apply for a job

Select the Apply button.

If you have previously created a profile the Application Wizard will open automatically.

You will need to select Register here to create a profile before you can apply, you will be directed to the eRecruitment log on window.

You will need to enable pop ups when using our online application system. When you select a job posting you may receive a notification advising to turn off your web browsers pop up blocker.

Submit your application

You must:

  • complete all mandatory fields
  • navigate between each section of your online application by selecting the numbered box above each section’s name
  • to go back to a previous page and update your details select Previous step
  • to go forward to the next page, select the section’s name or the section header button

The Application Wizard

There are 9 parts to completing an online application:

  1. personal data
  2. education and training
  3. employment history
  4. preferences
  5. attachments
  6. complete questionnaire
  7. application source
  8. send application
  9. completed

Parts 1 to 5 – collect your personal, education and employment details, location preferences and attachments such as your resume or qualifications. You may have already provided this when creating your profile.

Part 6 - questionnaires

Pre-employment information - tell us:

  • if you’re an Australian citizen
  • if you’re currently our employee
  • if you’re an APS employee
  • your referee details

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion - tell us if you:

  • need assistance with your application submission
  • are Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander Australian
  • identify as a person with disability or from a diverse cultural and linguistic background

Selection criteria provide your responses to the selection criteria.

You can move between questionnaires by selecting each questionnaire tab or Continue to Questionnaire at the top or bottom of the page.

The questionnaires may be either check box or free text fields. It is important to check the position overview to see if word limits apply. Ensure your responses are complete and not missing information.

If you need to clear all fields, select Reset.

Part 7 - tell us how you found out about the job vacancy.

Part 8 and 9 - send us your completed application.

  • select Close if you want to leave your application in draft and work on it at later time
  • select Send Application if you have reviewed your work and want to submit the application. Once your application has been submitted it cannot be changed

To continue an application you have saved in draft:

  • log on using your User ID and password
  • select Employment Opportunities
  • select My Applications
  • select the relevant job
  • select Apply
  • select Continue
  • select Close if you want to return to your profile

We recommend you check each section carefully before you complete and submit your application as you will not be able to make any changes once you submit it.

After you submit an application you will receive an email notification advising your application has been received. If you don’t receive this, first check your spam mail folder, then contact Recruitment Management team by email or by calling 1800 906 144.

Managing your account

Access the eRecruitment system from the job vacancies page to:

Change your password

  1. Select Log on. This will open the log on screen
  2. Enter User and current Password
  3. Select Change Password
  4. Enter your current password, new password, and repeat password then select Change to save the new password

Password forgotten

  1. Select Log on. This will open the log on screen
  2. Select Password Forgotten
  3. Enter your username or email address
  4. Select Request Password

You will receive an automated email with your new password to your registered email address. The password may not generate instantly, please do not repeatedly request a password.

Create a job alert

You can receive email notifications when new jobs are advertised that meet your preferences. To do this you need to:

  • select log on and then Employment Opportunities and choose your job search preferences
  • hold Ctrl and left click the mouse to choose multiple selections in a field
  • select a Search Method preference
  • select Save as Job Alert
  • enter the name of your job search into the Name of Job Agent field and the frequency you want to receive notifications
  • set the alert status to active and select Save

Edit a job alert

  1. Select log on and then Employment Opportunities
  2. Select Job Alert Profile
  3. Highlight the job alert you want to edit
  4. Select Edit to change the job alert
  5. Update your job search preferences
  6. Select Save

Delete a job alert

  1. Select log on and then Employment Opportunities
  2. Select Job Alert Profile
  3. Highlight the job alert you want to delete
  4. Select Delete

Delete your account

  1. Select log on and then Candidate profile
  2. Select Delete registration
  3. Select Delete registration again to confirm the removal of your profile

By deleting your registration you will remove all your candidate profile information from e-Recruitment. This action cannot be undone.

Change your username

  1. Select log on and then Candidate profile
  2. Select Change username
  3. Enter your desired username
  4. Select Save

Withdraw an application

You can withdraw an application after it has been submitted.

  1. Select Log on and then Employment Opportunities
  2. Select My Applications
  3. Highlight the application
  4. Select Delete/Withdraw
  5. Select Yes to confirm

A confirmation message will be displayed.

eRecruitment system troubleshooting

There are tips on common technical issues that you may experience while using the eRecruitment system.

Read more about eRecruitment system troubleshooting

Page last updated: 30 May 2019

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