Information pack - Temporary Employment Register

Information for applicants interested in non-ongoing or irregular and intermittent employment with us as an APS3 or APS4 Service Officer.

What roles we fill

We use this register to fill customer service delivery APS3 and APS4 positions.

In your application you can choose a preferred location. If a position becomes available in this location, we may contact you. Please keep in mind, being on the register doesn't guarantee that we'll contact you.

We may fill positions on a non-ongoing or irregular and intermittent (casual) basis either for:

  • a specified term
  • the duration of a specified task.

We may offer casual shifts for a few hours or a full day. There’s no set roster or guarantee of hours. As a casual employee we'll pay you a loading on top of the base hourly rate. This is because as a casual:

  • you don’t get payment for public holidays
  • your time doesn't count towards personal and annual leave.

What areas the roles are in

Most of the roles are in customer service delivery. They’re in teams responsible for delivering a range of health, social and welfare payments and services.

Roles will vary depending on business requirements. They may involve contact with:

  • customers
  • health professionals
  • third parties.

You may handle a variety of matters about:

  • eligibility
  • participation
  • access to payments and services.

As a Service Officer you may need to:

  • work collaboratively to manage customer claims
  • respond to customer enquiries and ask for help when required
  • work within defined policy, legislation and guidelines
  • undertake computer based tasks with a high level of accuracy and work output
  • work within an environment that rosters your start and finish times.

Positions may be available in face to face, telephony or processing teams.

APS3 Service Officer

An APS3 Service Officer helps customers across a range of payments, programs and services. They:

  • assess customer and stakeholder needs, entitlements and obligations
  • encourage the use of self-managed services
  • support operations where applicable
  • collaborate with others when providing services

APS4 Service Officer

An APS4 Service Officer works with more complex issues. These are customers who either:

  • face a significant disadvantage
  • have complex challenges.

They provide a tailored service to the customer by:

  • assessing their needs
  • determining their entitlements and obligations.

What key skills and knowledge you need

You need to:

  • have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • have well developed customer service skills in either a face to face or telephony environment
  • be able to research and make sound decisions using appropriate judgement
  • be able to analyse and check customer needs
  • have experience using Microsoft products and other IT systems.

How to register your interest

To be eligible to apply you must be an Australian citizen. If you’re not an Australian citizen please do not proceed with your application.

You must submit your application through the Temporary Employment Register.

Before you start, review the eRecuit user help guide.

Remember, it's important you complete the preferences tab of the application form. We use these details to match applicants to available positions.

As part of your application, you’ll need to answer the following in up to 300 words each.

Application response 1

Outline why you’d like to work with us and tell us the skills you’d bring. Including your experience with Microsoft products and other IT systems.

Application response 2

Outline your experience in customer service.

Application response 3

Describe a situation where you went above and beyond to achieve a result.

What the assessment process is

We'll assess your suitability for available positions. We may do this by:

  • interview - phone, face to face or video
  • online cognitive testing.

If we find you suitable, you'll have to undergo some pre-engagement checks. You must do these before we issue you with a formal letter of offer of employment. We'll do:

  • criminal history check
  • referee and integrity check.

If you're a previous employee of our department, we'll check for:

  • breaches of the APS Code of Conduct
  • disciplinary action
  • behaviour or performance matters.

Page last updated: 27 November 2018

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