The AusGov Inter-Agency Secure Code Challenge: Operation DevOops

Challenge yourself and build skills in writing secure code and detecting vulnerabilities.


The challenge is open to all Australian Federal Government ICT staff at all skill levels. This includes APS employees and contractors, developers and non-developers.

You’ll complete the challenge through the online challenge portal.

How to register

Registrations are now open. They close on Sunday 7 July 2019.

There are limited places, so don’t miss out.

To register email our Secure Code Challenge team.

Before the challenge

Once you register, you can:

  • access online training
  • learn about the platform used and format of the challenge
  • complete practice challenges.

The training is self-paced and helps you get ready to tackle the challenges. It covers these languages:

  • Objective-C iOS SDK
  • Java Spring
  • Java Enterprise Edition (JSP)
  • Python Django
  • C# (.NET) MVC
  • C# (.NET) Web Forms
  • Scala Play
  • Swift iOS SDK
  • JavaScript (2+)
  • COBOL Basic
  • JavaScript Node.js (Express).

The scenarios in the training include:

  • the Open Web Application Security Project top 10 security risks
  • other common scenarios.

How the challenge works

Stage 1 - Intra-agency challenge

8 – 12 July

Login to the online portal accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Enter the tournament to compete against others in your agency at detecting vulnerabilities.

There’ll be around 40 challenges to take part in. Each challenge takes 3–5 minutes to complete. You start the challenges with maximum points and lose them when lives are lost and hints used.

At the end of stage 1, we’ll email each agency a list of their top 10 participants.

We’ll then invite the winner from each agency to participate in the Inter-agency challenge.

Stage 2 - Inter-agency challenge

23 July

Called the Champion of Champions Challenge, the inter-agency challenge will be held in Canberra in our Technology Innovation Centre. You’ll get to network with and go toe-to-toe with the top coders from each agency.

The challenge will take place on the online portal. It’ll have a similar format to the first round, but with a quicker pace and harder questions.

Awards ceremony

23 July

The awards ceremony will be held in Canberra after Stage 2.

If you’re one of the top 10, we’ll give you a certificate of achievement. Your name will also be published on the online challenge portal.

The winner will get a trophy for their agency to display.

Next steps

Register your interest or ask a question by emailing our Secure Code Challenge team.

Page last updated: 8 July 2019

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