Organisation structure

Our structure is designed to ensure that we are delivering the Government's key priorities such as service delivery reform.

Under our Secretary, our Deputy Secretaries are responsible for the delivery of our high quality services to our customers. What we do can be grouped into four broad functions: strategy, service design, service delivery, and enabling.

View our organisation chart to see our structure and position occupancy.

Statutory appointments

The Department of Human Services names the following people as statutory appointments.

  • Amanda Cattermole, Chief Executive Medicare - under sub-section 4 (2) (b) of the Human Services (Medicare) Act 1973 from 22 December 2017
  • Barry Jackson, Acting Chief Executive Centrelink - under sub-section 7 (2) (b) of the Human Services (Centrelink) Act 1997 from 12 December 2016
  • Bill Volkers, Child Support Registrar under sub-section 10 (2) (b) of the Child Support (Registration and Collection ) Act 1988 from 23 November 2015

Organisational Structure as at 5 March 2018

Our Organisational Chart shows the structure of the department's business groups, divisions and branches, as well as the reporting structure to the Secretary and Deputy Secretaries.

Secretary – Renée Leon

Deputy Secretary, Payments Reform – John Murphy

National Manager reporting directly to the Deputy Secretary, Payments Reform
  • National Manager, Payments Reform Assurance – Robert McKellar
General Manager, Business Transformation – Michelle Lees
  • National Manager, Digital and DVA Transformation – Larissa Hinds
  • National Manger, Business Architecture – John Kilner
General Manager, Programme Delivery – Stephen Planincic
  • National Manager, Programme Office – Leanne McCormick
  • National Manager, Commercial Partner Management – Jacinda Still
  • National Manager, Project Delivery – Kylie Finnigan (acting)
  • National Manager, Strategic Information Management and Data – Aaron Wilkins
  • National Manager, Business Transformation – Susan Morrison
General Manager, Enterprise Transformation – Joost de Kock
  • National Manager, Workforce Strategy – Susan Moriarty (acting)
  • National Manager, Transformation Change Management – Julie Hockey (acting)
  • National Manager, Future Business Model – Leanne Smith
Chief Citizen Experience Officer, Chief Citizen Experience Office – Mukul Agrawal
  • National Manager, Innovation, User Experience and Design – Pam Spurr
  • National Manager, Digital Projects – Lisiane Barao Macleod

Deputy Secretary, Service Delivery Operations – Barry Jackson

General Manager, Face to Face Services – Mark le Dieu
  • Service Leader, Central NSW – Tricia Flanagan
  • Service Leader, Central Queensland – Ian McInnes
  • Service Leader, Eastern Victoria – Jane Steinkamp
  • Service Leader, North NSW – Chantal Oxenham
  • Service Leader, Northern Australia – Katrina Zander (acting)
  • Service Leader, Northern Queensland – Peter Searston
  • Service Leader, Northern Victoria – Sue Kitchin
  • Service Leader, South Australia – Brenton Halliday
  • Service Leader, South Queensland – Jody Taylor-Robinson
  • Service Leader, Southern NSW – Tracey Sheather
  • Service Leader, Sydney – Scott Chant
  • Service Leader, Tasmania – David Mole
  • Service Leader, West Victoria – Stan Neely
  • Service Leader, Western Australia – Sandy Mamo
General Manager, Child Support Smart Centres – Bill Volkers
  • National Manager, Child Support Smart Centres, VIC and TAS – Stuart Brazendale (acting)
  • National Manager, Child Support Smart Centres, WA, SA and QLD – Tara Pamula (acting)
  • National Manager, Child Support Smart Centres, NSW and ACT – Bruce Young
  • National Manager, Customer Service – Lorna Andrews
General Manager, Smart Centres, Indigenous and Intensive Servicing – Jennifer Rufati
  • National Manager, Smart Centres South – Paul McNae
  • National Manager, Smart Centres East – Louise Hamilton
  • National Manager, Smart Centres Central and West – Brian Wilkinson
  • National Manager, Smart Centres North – Narelle Cameron
  • National Manager, Assessment Services and Smart Centres Coordination – Robert Williams
  • National Manager, Social Work Services – Monica Bacusi
  • National Manager, Indigenous and Remote Servicing – Lauren Callinan (acting)
  • National Manager, Multicultural Services – Margo Souden (acting)
General Manager, Operations Management – Bridget Brill
  • National Manager, Channel Operations and Capacity Management – Matt Clarke
  • National Manager, Workload Management – Gavin Wolfe (acting)
  • National Manager, Digital Operations and Service Integration – Jo Hammersley
  • National Manager, Telephony Services Projects – Craig Kelly
General Manager, Service Delivery Strategy – Chris Horsley
  • National Manager, Channel Strategy and Transformation – Mark Cousins
  • National Manager, Business Processing – Helen Oberg (acting)
  • National Manager, Capability Improvement – Hamid Heydarian

Deputy Secretary, Health and Aged Care – Amanda Cattermole

General Manager, Health Service Delivery – Linda Young (acting)
  • National Manager, Health Support and Performance – Jane Crowe (acting)
  • National Manager, Payment and Claiming – Karen Lock
  • National Manager, Medicare Providers – Steve Farrell
  • National Manager, Medicare Public – Jill Simpson
General Manager, Health Programmes – Kirsty Faichney
  • National Manager, Assistance Programmes – Jenny Benjamin
  • National Manager, Pharmaceutical Benefits – Gavin Matthews
  • National Manager, Medicare and Veterans – Kylie Barsley (acting)
General Manager, Aged Care and Industry Programmes – Paul Creech
  • National Manager, Aged Care Programmes – Vanessa Beck
  • National Manager, Digital Health – Stephen Kelly
  • National Manager, Industry Programmes – Shareez Farouk

Deputy Secretary, Integrity and Information – Jason McNamara (acting)

General Manager, Business Integrity – Adrian Hudson
  • National Manager, Fraud Investigation – Kate Buggy
  • National Manager, Fraud Control and Assurance – Eilish Richardson (acting)
  • National Manager, Payment Review – Jan Bailey
  • Commander, Taskforce Integrity – Kate Buggy
General Manager, Customer Compliance – Craig Storen
  • National Manager, Compliance Risk – Alison McCann
General Manager, Information, Debt and Appeals – Karen Harfield
  • National Manager, Information Services – Mark Morrison (acting)
  • National Manager, Information Management – Matt Corkhill
  • National Manager, Debt Management – Robert Hanlon
  • National Manager, Appeals – Vacant
General Manager, Integrity Modernisation – Liz Bundy (acting)
  • National Manager, Integrity Implementation – Kristen Owen (acting)
  • National Manager, Integrity Design – Deborah Winkler

Deputy Secretary, Programme Design – Melissa Ryan (acting)

General Manager, Families – George Thiveos
  • National Manager, Family Tax Benefit – Tina Anderson (acting)
  • National Manager, New Child Care Subsidy – James Peterswald
  • National Manager, New Parents, Child Care and Programme Improvement – Laura Gannon
General Manager, Child Support and Redress – Maree Bridger
  • National Manager, Child Support Program – Mitchell Cole
  • National Manager, Child Support System Redesign – Catherine Thomas (acting)
  • National Manager, Institutional Redress – Susan Cartwright
General Manager, Older Australians – Deb Harrison (acting)
  • National Manager, Seniors, Carers and International – Pam Saunders
  • National Manager, Multicultural and Rural Programmes – Brendan Moon
  • National Manager, Deduction and Confirmation – Jacqui Houghton (acting)
General Manager, Participation and Disability – Rosemary Deininger
  • National Manager, Working Age Programmes and Compliance – Joanna Stanion
  • National Manager, Education and Job Seeker Contact – Deborah Masani
  • National Manager, Disability – Rhonda Morris

Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services – Jonathan Hutson

General Manager, Corporate Operations – Robert Higgins
  • National Manager, Property – Robert Towner
  • National Manager, Security – Steve O’Loughlin
  • National Manager, Procurement and Contract Management – Andrew Stephen
General Manager, People Policy and Operations – Ian Fitzgerald
  • National Manager, HR Policy – Owen Livermore
  • National Manager, Payroll and HR Operations – Jacqui Hughes
  • National Manager, Workplace Relations – Stephen Cooney
General Manager, People Services – Jenny Teece
  • National Manager, HR Support – SDO – Jody Nicholson (acting)
  • National Manager, HR Support – Enabling, Corporate Services and ICT – Carl Princehorn
  • National Manager, HR Support – Programme, Health, Integrity and Payments Reform – Andrea Paschalis
General Manager, Audit – Michelle Kelly
  • National Manager, Audit – Vacant
Chief Financial Officer – Mark Jenkin
  • National Manager, Financial Management – Kari Ahmer
  • National Manager, Financial Accounting – Andrew Harvey
  • National Manager, Financial Systems – Drago Stanojcic
  • National Manager, Group Financial Management – Kym Raut (acting)
  • National Manager, CIO Group Financial Management – Alison Frewin

Deputy Secretary, Enabling Services – Andrew Wood

General Manager, Strategic Governance – Vacant
  • National Manager, Governance – Robin Priddin (acting)
  • National Manager, Ministerial Coordination and Parliamentary – Patrick Cremen
  • National Manager, Portfolio Strategic Manager – Ben Keily (acting)
Chief Counsel, Legal Services – Annette Musolino
  • General Counsel, Commercial Law – Lisa Carmody
  • General Counsel, Business Transformation Legal – Jeff Derix
  • General Counsel, Programme Advice and Privacy – Maris Stipnieks
  • National Manager, Ombudsman and Information Release – Michael Robinson
  • General Counsel, FOI and Litigation – Matthew Roser
  • General Counsel, Employment Law and Customer Compensation – Tim Ffrench
General Manager, Communications – Cathy Sear
  • National Manager, Internal Communications – Richard Briedis
  • National Manager, External Communications – Scott Anderson
  • National Manager, Media – Bevan Hannan
Departmental Spokesperson – Hank Jongen
General Manager, Project and Services – Kylie Crane (acting)
  • National Manager, Project Delivery and Assurance – Bianca Ruut
  • National Manager, Government Partnerships – Alex Dolan
  • National Manager, Project Support – Soraya Weber
  • Bilateral Services and Business Capability – Angela Geerdink
General Manager, Service Strategy – Bruce Taloni
  • National Manager, Strategic Advice – John Kalokerinos
  • National Manager, Financial Support Initiatives – Vacant
  • National Manager, Strategy Analysis – Jo-Anne Mason

Chief Information Officer, CIO Group – Charles McHardie (acting)

National Manager reporting directly to the Chief Information Officer
  • National Manager, Cyber Security – Narelle Devine
Chief Technology Officer, Chief Technology Office – Mike Brett
  • National Manager, Enterprise Architecture – Thanh Nguyen (acting)
  • National Manager, ICT Product Architecture – Rob Doughty
  • National Manager, PMO and Business Relationship Management – Helen Peel
  • National Manager, Vendor Management – Anthony Barać
  • National Manager, ICT Quality Assurance – David Gray
General Manager, Brisbane Delivery Centre – Bob Lyons
  • National Manager, Technology Delivery and Solutions – Josh Bosschieter
  • National Manager, Business Enablement and Quality – Daniel Ramos (acting)
  • National Manager, Core Solutions and Capability – Craig Douglass
General Manager, Production Systems Delivery Centre – Tracy Muddle
  • National Manager, Families and Pensions Systems – Graham Archer
  • National Manager, Employment, Payment and Child Support Systems – Derek Lawrence
  • National Manager, Health Systems – Elaine Ninham
  • National Manager, Veterans’ Systems – Joumana El Hassan (acting)
General Manager, Adelaide Delivery Centre – Jim McMahon (acting)
  • National Manager, Professional Services – Denise Lanyon
  • National Manager, Applications Delivery Compliance – Maurice Savelli
  • National Manager, Applications Delivery Social Services – Matt Smith
General Manager, Canberra Delivery Centre – Garrett McDonald (acting)
  • National Manager, Child Care Subsidy Systems – Dale Naughton
  • National Manager, Data Analytics, Insurance and Disability Services – Shane McLeod
  • National Manager, Online Services – Megan Bunfield
  • National Manager, Digital Services and Corporate Systems – Lorraine Hollis
General Manager, ICT Infrastructure – Brynten Taylor (acting)
  • National Manager, Service Operations – Belinda Gloyne
  • National Manager, Infrastructure and Applications Engineering – Kirk Batty
  • National Manager, Production Support – Derek Byrnes
  • National Manager, Infrastructure Design and Assurance – Devika Weereratne
General Manager, WPIT ICT – Andrew Larkin
  • National Manager, ICT Welfare Payment Transformation – Grazyna Zejdler

Page last updated: 14 March 2018