Indexed list of files

By order of the Senate we are required to have indexed lists of file titles we have created throughout the year.

They will be tabled by the Minister in the:

  • Spring sittings, comprising file titles created in the preceding July to December, and
  • Autumn sittings, comprising titles created in the preceding January to June

The Order requires:

  • that each department and agency provide, on its internet home page, access to an indexed list of all relevant files created; and
  • tabling of a letter from the Portfolio Minister to the President of the Senate, advising that such indexed lists have been placed on the Internet

Under the terms of the order, relevant files include:

  • those relating to policy advising functions
  • the development of legislation, and
  • matters of public administration

Files that are specifically excluded are:

  • case related files
  • those related to internal administration of a Department or agency, and
  • those files transferred to the Australian Archives

Indexed lists

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