Multicultural Servicing Strategy 2016-19

Our strategy ensures our services are responsive to the needs of multicultural customers.

Our commitments

We’ve aligned the strategy with our Corporate Plan. It also shows our commitments in 6 key areas of the Australian Government’s Multicultural Access and Equity Policy:

  • leadership
  • engagement
  • performance
  • capability
  • responsiveness
  • openness.

We aim to complete the 47 actions outlined in the strategy by the end of 2019.

To meet our commitments we:

  • have 70 Multicultural Service Officers
  • operate a national multilingual phone service in 33 languages
  • have translated information available in 69 languages
  • have 64 service centres with sessional interpreters
  • have 658 bilingual staff
  • offer multicultural awareness training to all staff
  • do community engagement through Multicultural Advisory Forums and the National Multicultural Advisory Group.

We also have 2,500 interpreters who:

  • provide services in over 230 languages
  • went to over 260,000 appointments in 2017-18.

Read our strategy

Read about the actions we’ll take to meet our commitments in the:

Read more about the Multicultural Access and Equity Policy on the Department of Home Affairs website.

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