How Centrepay works

Customers receiving welfare payments may request that their bills and other expenses be paid using Centrepay.

With Centrepay, regular amounts are deducted from the customer's welfare payments and paid directly to your Business via secure, electronic transfer.

Customers can request Centrepay deductions by:

There is a $10 minimum amount for each regular deduction. For each deduction an end date or target amount can be specified and regular deductions will cease automatically once the end date or total (target) amount has been reached.

Your Business will be provided access to our Centrelink Business Online Services (CBOS) where you can manage your Centrepay activities such as:

  • receive deduction and payment reconciliation reports
  • add, vary or cancel customer deductions in accordance with the customer's deduction authority

We will send an advice to the customers confirming any deduction activity.

To find out if your Business is eligible to use Centrepay and what types of goods and services Centrepay can and cannot be used for, read the new Centrepay Policy and Terms and for further information about the operations of Centrepay read the Procedural Guide for Businesses.

Read more about applying to use Centrepay.

Page last updated: 6 February 2018