Key changes to Centrepay

We no longer provide Centrepay under the Centrepay policy and contract formed by the Department of Human Services Business Terms and Conditions, Centrepay Schedule 1 and any agreed Special Conditions.

Centrepay is now provided under an administrative framework including a new:

Changes to Centrepay you need to be aware of include:

  • a revised Centrepay objective and a requirement for each approved Business to conduct itself in line with this objective
  • a revised list of goods and services that are excluded from payment using Centrepay
  • a revised framework, primarily administrative in nature, that will realise a number of benefits including:
    • reduction and simplification of processes and documentation for Businesses, including more efficient online deduction mechanisms for Businesses
    • procedural fairness and consistent decision-making
    • new Policy and Terms that set out new eligibility and approval criteria, requirements and obligations of Businesses including clear direction on what goods and services are included or excluded for payment using Centrepay
    • a Procedural Guide that plainly sets out the operational aspects of Centrepay
  • a broader assurance framework that builds on the previous compliance processes and is based on prevention, detection and appropriate response to non-compliance, including improved education and support for Businesses
  • Centrepay services have expanded to allow for Centrepay deductions for low interest loans, savings plans and layby

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Page last updated: 31 July 2018