What you can do using EVoR

You can send accurate customer rent details to us in a timely manner using EVoR.

EVoR will provide you with:

  • an online data exchange service
  • single and batch processing - you can update details of a single customer or multiple customers as a single batch
  • online help when using the enquiry screens
  • helpdesk services 5 days a week by phone or email
  • dedicated staff for information and support, and
  • information, materials and user guides

EVoR can also help:

  • you to update existing rent deductions paid to your organisation on behalf of customers via Centrepay
  • improve customer service
  • provide greater availability of Rent Assistance to customers who have previously had difficulty with verification procedures
  • simplify the process of rent verification for your customers - eliminating the need for them to request a Rent Certificate every time there is a change in their rent

Page last updated: 31 July 2018