Changes to Parental Leave Pay dates these holidays

3 December 2018

If your employees’ Parental Leave Pay is due over the holidays, you may get it early.

Public holidays may change the date you get Parental Leave Pay for your employees.

The date you’ll get the payment advice and payment during the holidays depends on your regular payment delivery date. We won't delay payments because of the public holiday, but we may pay you earlier than usual.

An early payment is the normal payment, just paid early. Where we pay an early payment, we pay as close to and before your usual payment day. This makes sure you’ll be able to pay your employee in line with your normal pay cycle.

Keep in mind, this only changes during the holiday period. We’ll then go back to the normal delivery date.

To find out what date we make the payment during the holidays, you can check the payment dates table.

Normal payment date Revised payment date Next normal payment date  

Friday 21 December

Thursday 20 December

Friday 4 January

Monday 24 December

Friday 21 December

Monday 7 January

Tuesday 25 December

Friday 21 December

Tuesday 8 January

Wednesday 26 December

Monday 24 December

Wednesday 9 January

Thursday 27 December

Monday 24 December

Thursday 10 January

Friday 28 December

Thursday 27 December

Friday 11 January

Monday 31 December

Thursday 27 December

Monday 14 January

Tuesday 1 January

Friday 28 December

Tuesday 15 January

If your business shuts down over the holiday period, consider the impact on your employee. If there will be longer than usual between payment dates, they’ll need to budget for this. You may need to discuss this with them.

Next steps

If you need to speak with us call our Paid Parental Leave scheme for employers line.

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