Important information for boarding providers with ABSTUDY students

You need to tell us immediately if an ABSTUDY student leaves your school as it may impact your school’s payments.

If your school or hostel has ABSTUDY students, there are some recent changes that may impact you.

It’s important that you tell us immediately about any changes to information you’ve given us. This includes if a student leaves your care.

You’ll need to tell us term start dates for students who live away from home. We use these to work out how much ABSTUDY we can pay you.

This means you need to tell us all of the following:

  • If a new student starts at your school, you need to tell us the date of their first day.
  • If a student leaves your school, you need to tell us the date of their last day.

If you don’t tell us, it may affect the money you get from us for that student. If we pay you too much, you may need to pay that money back.

We’ve also changed how we make ABSTUDY payments to boarding schools. These changes started 1 Jan. We now pay schools and boarding providers 2 payments. One at the start of term and 1 at the end of term. We don’t make lump sum payments.  

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