We’ve improved our website design

To help give you a better website experience we’ve refreshed our design.

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We’ve improved our navigation and search function. This makes our site simpler, clearer and easier for you to use. Visiting our site on a mobile device is also better.

We tested each part of our design to make sure it’s useful and usable.

In May, we ran a trial site to demonstrate the changes. We attracted over 175,000 page views and more than 450 items of feedback.

These changes won’t impact any bookmarked pages you have. These links will still work.

Keep in mind, online accounts and other tools such as Payment and Service Finder aren’t part of this change.

Next steps

You can give us feedback about individual pages: You can either

  • use the was this page helpful poll
  • tell us about your visit using the survey link at the top of each page.

Page last updated: 4 June 2019

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