BasicsCard for businesses

The BasicsCard gives income managed customers another way to spend their income managed money in approved stores and businesses.


About the BasicsCard

The BasicsCard is a PIN protected card used by people who are income managed.

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Obligations for businesses

We do regular reviews to check you’re meeting your obligations.

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Helping customers keep track of their BasicsCard balance

You can help customers manage their money by giving them their BasicsCard balance after each transaction.

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Issues with transactions

Sometimes issues might arise with BasicsCard transactions.

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Before your customers can start using their BasicsCard in your store, we must approve you as a Basicscard business.


You need to know

Letting your customers know you accept BasicsCard

When you become an approved BasicsCard business, we'll send you BasicsCard material to display. This includes:

  • posters
  • stickers, and
  • a cash register checklist

You need to display these products in your store to let customers know you accept the BasicsCard.

If you would like more copies, contact our Helpdesk.

BasicsCard approved and excluded goods and services

BasicsCard approved and excluded goods and services.

Read more about good and services your customers can and can’t buy.

Page last updated: 2 March 2018