About the BasicsCard

The BasicsCard is a PIN protected card used by people who are income managed.

It lets people use their income managed money to pay for goods and services. They can use it at a wide range of approved stores and businesses.

You can use your existing EFTPOS terminals to accept the BasicsCard. We need to approve you before customers can use their BasicsCard at your store.

Only authorised cardholders or nominees can use the card. Their names will be on the card.

Your customers can only use their BasicsCard to buy approved goods and services.

Cash out transactions

Customers can’t use their BasicsCard to withdraw cash. If they try getting cash out, it will be declined.

If they need a refund, you must refund the money back onto the BasicsCard.

More information

Read more about Income Management for customers.

Watch our video about getting your business ready to accept the BasicsCard.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019