Issues with transactions

Sometimes issues might arise with BasicsCard transactions.

Issues with BasicsCard transactions

EFTPOS not working or card declined

You’ll need to ask your customer if they can pay another way if either:

  • your EFTPOS isn’t working
  • a BasicsCard transaction is declined.

A declined transaction means payment wasn’t made.

BasicsCard transactions may be declined for many reasons. These could include any of the following:

  • insufficient funds
  • incorrect PIN—if entered incorrectly 6 or more times, the customer won’t be able to use their BasicsCard
  • exceeded daily spend limit
  • their BasicsCard isn’t active, which could mean we have suspended or cancelled the card.

If the card is declined, tell your customer to call our Income Management customer line.

Card not accepted

If you get the error message card not accepted you’ll need to contact our Helpdesk.

This error can occur if you’ve recently changed all of the following:

  • your EFTPOS terminal
  • EFTPOS provider
  • financial institution.

If issues arise

Make sure you let us know as soon as you can of any changes to your EFTPOS arrangements.

BasicsCard transactions aren't allowed if your EFTPOS is down or asks for a signature. DO NOT complete the transaction if you get the message Approved with signature.

More information

Watch our video all about BasicsCard transactions.

Page last updated: 24 October 2019