BasicsCard approved and excluded goods and services

Goods and services your customers can and can’t buy.

Approved goods

To be approved for BasicsCard your main business activity must be the sale of priority goods and services. A list of the priority goods and services can be found in the application form.

These include items such as:

  • food
  • clothing
  • hygiene products
  • health items
  • whitegoods
  • furniture, and
  • fuel

Once you are approved for BasicsCard your customers may buy any goods or services from your business except for excluded goods and services.

Excluded goods and services

Customers can’t use the BasicsCard to buy these excluded goods:

  • alcohol
  • pornography
  • gambling products and services
  • tobacco
  • gift cards, store cards or vouchers – if they can use these to access cash or buy excluded goods

They also can’t use it to buy home-brew kits or concentrate items used for making beer or wine, including:

  • fermenters
  • airlocks
  • thermometers
  • malt
  • hops
  • wort, and
  • grape concentrate

Your customers will need to pay for those a different way.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019

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