Centrelink Confirmation eServices (CCeS) for businesses

Online access to real time information about our customers. You can confirm a customer's eligibility for your rebates, concessions or services.

You need to know

About Centrelink Confirmation eServices for businesses

You can use CCeS to confirm who is eligible for a concession, rebate or service. This is for your customers getting a Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs payment.

To use CCeS you must have a contract with us and consent from your customers to check their details with us.

There are 3 services available:

  • customer confirmation
  • income confirmation
  • superannuation confirmation

Customer confirmation

Use this service to confirm a customer has a concession card. You can also find out their name, address and payment type.

Income confirmation

Use this service to find out a customer’s income. This will also give you their asset and payment details.

Superannuation confirmation

Administrators and trustees of super funds can use this service. This helps you decide if you can release someone’s super early due to financial hardship.

Support for your business

Businesses which use CCeS can get:

  • an online, real time system
  • batch processing for large volume requests
  • historical income statements
  • helpdesk services 5 days a week by phone or email
  • an Account Manager based in your state or territory who can give you information and support
  • information, materials and user guides for your employees

How it works

You can get customer information in three different ways: single enquiry, batch lodgment or system to system.

Single enquiry lets you submit a query for 1 customer at a time. You’ll get the results straight away and can print them for your records.

Batch lodgement lets you submit a query about multiple customers by submitting a batch file. You’ll get a response to the batch file within 72 hours.

If you know you’ll be using CCeS for a lot of customers, you can use the system to system enquiry. This is a direct connection from your computer system to ours.

Service costs

CCeS is free for businesses to use but there are fees to set up and test for:

  • batch lodgment, or
  • system to system

An overview of CCeS

Watch our short video to understand what you can and can’t do when using CCeS.


Register for Centrelink Confirmation eServices

If you would like to use CCeS, you first need to download and read the:

To apply for CCeS, download and complete the:


Fax both your Business Application and Business Online Services - User Details forms to us.

If we approve your application, we’ll talk to you about how to use CCeS. We will tell you how to get customer consent properly.

If we don’t approve your application, we’ll let you know in writing. You have the right to appeal this decision.

Read more about reviews and appeals.

Using the service

Using CCeS

To use CCeS log on to our secure site for a:

Choose the type of enquiry you need. These are:

  • Customer Confirmation enquiry
  • Income Confirmation enquiry
  • Superannuation Confirmation enquiry
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs enquiry

Choose the service you need and:

  • enter the customer’s details, and
  • read the immediate confirmation results
Remember, you must have your customer’s consent before looking up any of their details.

eService helpdesk

The eService helpdesk operates from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday AEST. The helpdesk isn’t available on national public holidays.

More help

Read about the service changes that may impact your use of Centrelink Business Online Services and CCeS.

Page last updated: 12 November 2018