Centrelink Organisation Nominee Online Services

Use our online services to do business with us for people you’re a nominee for.

What nominees can do online

What you can do depends on the type of nominee arrangement you have with each person.

If you’re a payment nominee only, you only have access to options relating to Centrelink payments.

If you’re a correspondence nominee, for the customer, you can:

  • notify changes to their contact details
  • change their payment instruction details
  • do all or part of certain online claims
  • do their rent assistance reviews
  • report their employment income
  • view their income and assets
  • view, add or change their deductions.

You can also request:

  • documents such as income statements, payment summaries, Centrelink statements and rent certificates
  • replacement concession cards.

You can also choose to get letters from us online, for both:

  • yourself
  • people you’re a nominee for, if you’re a correspondence nominee.

How to register

Your organisation will need to register for Centrelink Business Online Services and link your Auskey to use Nominee Online Services. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes if you have all the information ready.

You’ll need to give:

  • your organisation’s Australian Business Number
  • your organisation’s AUSkey digital credential
  • your organisation’s name and business address
  • your own name and contact details as the applicant.

You’ll also need to give the name and contact details of your organisation’s main business contact. They’ll be the person who will:

  • tell us about access needs of other users in your organisation
  • accept the terms and conditions of our Business Online Services.

We’ll access the Australian Business Register to confirm information in your application.

If you can’t link your AUSkey during registration, you must link it the next time you log on. This is so you can access the nominee services.


Once you register, you can:

  • manage your own or your organisation’s details
  • request a new service or contact
  • access the organisational online mail system
  • act for someone who has your organisation as a nominee.

How to manage a customer online

To manage a customer’s details as a nominee:

If you’re a nominee for more than 700 customers

When you log in, you can search for customers:

  • Go to the Organisation Nominee Access to Online Services page.
  • Use the Search for the person you wish to act for function.
  • Enter their Customer Reference Number (CRN), name or date of birth.

If you’re a nominee for 700 customers or less

When you log in, you can see a list of the customers you’re a nominee for on the Organisation Nominee Access to Online Services page.

You can also search using Search for the person you wish to act for.

If you can't find a customer

You may not have linked your AUSkey digital certificate. Or you may no longer be a nominee for that person. If you think this is wrong, please contact the National Business Gateway.

Acting for your customer

Once you’ve selected the customer, you’ll see their landing page where you can choose to view or make updates. We’ll show messages that you are acting on behalf of the person.

Once you’ve finished, select Leave record.

You can then select another customer to act for, or log out.

How the National Business Gateway can help you

The National Business Gateway (NBG) is a national contact centre that works with the Australian business community. They aim to make it easier for you to do business with us.

The NBG have skilled staff who understand the needs of business. They offer a phone and fax service that helps to:

Page last updated: 31 May 2019

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