Centrelink Organisation Nominee Online Services

You can use our online services to do business with us on behalf of the people that you have been appointed nominee for.

What you can do online

The range of options available to you online will depend on the type of nominee arrangement you have with each person.

For example, if you are a payment nominee only, you will only have access to options relating to Centrelink payments.

You can also choose to receive letters from us online. This includes letters we send to you and, if you are a correspondence nominee for any of our customers, your copy of their mail about their Centrelink payments and services.

When you are registered, you can:

  • manage your own or your organisation’s details
  • request a new service or contact
  • access the organisational online mail system, and
  • choose to act on behalf of someone for whom your organisation is nominee

When you choose to act on behalf of someone, depending on the arrangement type, the actions you can perform include:

  • notifying of changes to their contact details
  • changing payment instruction details
  • requesting documents such as income statements, payment summaries, Centrelink statements and rent certificates
  • requesting a replacement concession card
  • viewing income and assets
  • viewing, adding or changing deductions
  • completing rent assistance reviews
  • reporting employment income


Your organisation will need to register for Centrelink Business Online Services and link your Auskey to use Nominee Online Services.

Before you start

You will need your organisation’s Australian Business Number (ABN) as well as other supporting information to register.

Other information required includes:

  • your organisation’s AUSkey digital credential
  • your organisation’s name and business address
  • your own name and contact details as the applicant
  • the name and contact details of your organisation’s primary business contact who will be:
    • our main contact
    • the person who will advise us about the access requirements of other users in your organisation
  • contact details of the authorised person who will accept the terms and conditions of our Business Online Services

We will access the Australian Business Register to validate information provided in your application. Registration should take less than 10 minutes if you have all the required information at hand.

If your AUSkey is unable to be linked during the registration process, you must link your AUSkey when you next log on so you can access the nominee services.


Managing your customers online

Once you have registered for Centrelink Business as a nominee, you will have access to all the customers for whom you act as a nominee.

To conduct business with us on behalf of someone for whom you are a nominee:

  • choose the Select a Person to Act For option
  • once you have finished select Leave record

Large number of customers

If your business has more than 700 current customers for whom you are nominee, you will be presented with a search page where you can select the person you wish to act for by their Customer Reference Number (CRN), name or date of birth.

If you have fewer than 700 customers for whom you are nominee, they will be listed on the Search/Select who you wish to act for page. You will still have access to the search facility if you want to use it.

If you can't see a customer there, you may not have linked your AUSkey digital certificate or may no longer be a nominee for that person. If you believe this is not the case, please contact the National Business Gateway.

National Business Gateway

The National Business Gateway is a national contact centre dedicated to making it easier for you to do business with us.

Operated by skilled staff who understand the needs of business, the National Business Gateway offers a phone and fax service that includes:

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