Centrepay for Businesses

A way for your customers to pay your business, direct from their Centrelink payments.

How Centrepay works

How Centrepay works

Customers may ask to pay their bills and other costs through Centrepay.

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Features of Centrepay

There’s a $10 minimum amount for each regular deduction. Each deduction can have an end date or target amount in place.

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Benefits for your business

Centrepay can help your business reduce administrative costs. This may include costs related to withdrawal and reconnection of your service to your customer.

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Your obligations

As part of your approval to use Centrepay you must comply and act in line with the Centrepay framework.

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How to apply

Applying to use Centrepay

To use Centrepay, you must complete an application.

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How to manage your business for Centrepay

Policy, terms and guides

The Centrepay Policy and Terms, Procedural Guide for Businesses and user guides for Centrepay Businesses.

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Forms and promotional products

Use these forms to change your details with us. You can also display promotional products in your business.

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Page last updated: 12 December 2018