Centrepay for Businesses

Forms and promotional products

Use these forms to change your details with us. You can also display promotional products in your business.

Centrepay forms

Business change of details form

To notify us of changes to your business, complete the Centrepay - Business change of details form. This is if you’re a current Centrepay business.

Centrelink Business Online Services User details form

To get access for your staff to use CBOS, complete the Business Online Services – User details form. You need to provide details of at least 1 of your staff. This person must register to access CBOS for Centrepay.

Promotional products

Centrepay promotional products include:

  • take the hassle out of paying your bills - brochure 12135
  • manage your bills for free - poster 9578.

You can order these products by calling our Centrepay for businesses team.

A business can have up to 30,000 brochures free each year. You can talk to us about larger printing requests, which we’ll only charge at cost.

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