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Digital Wallet is a feature on Express Plus Centrelink mobile app enabling customers to use their smart device as an alternative to physical concession cards.

It allows customers to use a digital copy of their concession card on their smart device. This is an alternative to physical concession cards. The Digital Wallet can be used for:

Genuine digital concession cards

To ensure a customer’s digital concession card is genuine and valid, security measures have been included in the Digital Wallet to protect you and the card holder. Customers need to sign in to the app, to show the card within the app.

Genuine cards will:

  • drop down from the top of the screen
  • swipe vertically to show the front and back of the card, and
  • shimmer slightly

If the concession card is no longer active, EXPIRED will appear across the screen. The customer then can reapply for a concession card.

A digital concession card does not replace the physical concession card. You should continue to accept physical concession cards from your customers when they are presented.

If the customer can’t provide either the digital concession card or their physical version, you can advise them to go to their local Centrelink Service Centre to receive a temporary card.

Digital Wallet Concession Provider fact sheet

Read about how customers can use the Digital Wallet with your business or organisation.

Digital Wallet Concession Provider poster

Display this poster to let your customers know that they can use the Digital Wallet to show their concession card.

Poster content

Your digital concession card is accepted here!

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Page last updated: 31 May 2019

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