Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support Program

Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support Program is a payment that assists employers of eligible Australian Apprentices with disabilities.

Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support payments are made to employers who:

  • employ an eligible Australian apprentice with a disability who finds it difficult to get an approved apprenticeship because of his or her disability
  • currently employ an Australian apprentice who has acquired a disability during his or her apprenticeship and needs help as a result.

Tutorial, interpreter, and mentor services are available to Australian apprentices who have been assessed as eligible for Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support and need extra help with their off-the-job training.

For more information about this disability program or questions on employment help for job seekers with a disability, illness, or injury, call 132 717, or visit a local DHS Service Centre.

National Mental Health and Disability Employment Strategy

This Strategy sets out a number of priority actions to assist Australians with a disability, including mental illness, into work.

Find out more about it on the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations website.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019

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