Education Institutions eService

Education institutions can use the eService to send us information we need to work out ABSTUDY payments for schools, hostels and students.

To use the eService, you will need a One Time Access Code. We will send you a One Time Access Code if you need to provide information, or if you can claim the Under 16 Boarding Supplement.

Log on to the Education Institutions eService to use your One Time Access Code

Attendance information

We collect attendance information from schools, colleges and distance education providers. We use it to work out if students younger than 16 meet the attendance requirements for ABSTUDY School Term Allowance.

A student must attend at least 85% of the school term to qualify for ABSTUDY School Term Allowance. Schools must decide if a student’s absence is unapproved or unauthorised under their state or territory education department’s guidelines.

Term start dates for students who get ABSTUDY Away From Home

We collect term start dates from schools and hostels for students who get ABSTUDY Away From Home. We use these dates to work out the amount of ABSTUDY eligible students can get.

For the full amount of ABSTUDY to be paid to their school or hostel, eligible students must have started school by the third Friday of each term. We pay schools and hostels in 4 bulk payments per year. The payments are made in the fourth week of each school term.

Claiming the Under 16 Boarding Supplement for ABSTUDY students

Qualified boarding schools and student hostels can use the eService to claim the Under 16 Boarding Supplement. It can be claimed for eligible ABSTUDY Away From Home students who are younger than 16.

The supplement is paid to eligible boarding institutions in 2 instalments. Instalments are paid in each semester of a school year. Eligible institutions must confirm qualified students have started study and are in residence by the third Friday of February and the third Friday of August.

The Department of Social Services assesses a boarding school’s qualification for the supplement for the following year using data from the Census of non-government schools. The census is done in August each year.

The supplement is only available to schools where:

  • boarding facilities are provided and they can prove these facilities are part of the school’s infrastructure, and
  • at least 10% of students enrolled at the school are Indigenous Australians or at least 20 Indigenous students are enrolled

The supplement is only available to hostels that have signed the ABSTUDY Standard Hostel Agreement.


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Page last updated: 27 August 2017