Electronic Verification of Rent for Businesses

A free, secure method for housing providers to verify and update their customer’s accommodation details with us.

You need to know

About Electronic Verification of Rent

Electronic Verification of Rent (EVoR) is a free and secure online data exchange service. It is available for businesses to send information to us to verify and update a customer's rent amount each time there is a change in rent.

You can use EVoR if you are a:

  • not for profit Community or Indigenous Housing Organisation providing affordable rental accommodation to customers, or
  • business providing supported accommodation to customers, such as retirement village, lifestyle village or hospice style accommodation

What you can do using EVoR

You can send accurate customer rent details to us in a timely manner using EVoR.

EVoR will provide you with:

  • an online data exchange service
  • single and batch processing - you can update details of a single customer or multiple customers as a single batch
  • online help when using the enquiry screens
  • helpdesk services 5 days a week by phone or email
  • dedicated staff for information and support, and
  • information, materials and user guides

EVoR can also help:

  • you to update existing rent deductions paid to your organisation on behalf of customers via Centrepay
  • improve customer service
  • provide greater availability of Rent Assistance to customers who have previously had difficulty with verification procedures
  • simplify the process of rent verification for your customers - eliminating the need for them to request a Rent Certificate every time there is a change in their rent


Register for Electronic Verification of Rent

A business that is a legal entity can register to use Electronic Verification of Rent (EVoR).

Before you start

Your business must be a legal entity to use EVoR. A legal entity is an association, corporation, partnership, proprietorship, trust or individual that has legal capacity to:

  • enter into agreements or contracts
  • assume obligations
  • incur and pay debts
  • sue and be sued in its own right, and
  • be held responsible for its actions

You must have all of the registrations, licences and accreditations required by any federal, state, territory or local government.

Download, print and read the:

  • EVoR Policy - information about the EVoR framework, including an outline of the process for applying, our expectations and your obligations
  • EVoR Terms - contractual terms that apply when your application is approved
  • EVoR Procedural Guide - information about service delivery arrangements and requirements and obligations for businesses that are approved to use EvoR

Application form

To apply for EVoR, download and complete the following forms:


Fax your Business Application and User Details forms to us on 1300 727 760.

Application outcome

We will send you a letter advising you of the outcome of your application. If your application is approved, we will contact you to discuss your application, customer consent requirements and how you will access the service.

Using the service

Options for using the EVoR service

To use the EVoR service, you must obtain customer consent and log in to our secure site.

EVoR has 2 different methods for you to submit rent verification and deduction information to us through Centrelink Business Online Services.

You can submit rent information as a:

1. Single entry service via the Unified Government Gateway (UGG) which allows you to:

  • search for a single mutual customer
  • view or update the customer’s Rent Assistance details
  • update the amount of the Customer’s rent deductions that are currently being paid to the Business using Centrepay

2. Batch entry service via the Organisation Online Mail system (OOM) which allows you to:

  • submit accommodation and deduction details for many customers at one time
  • compose a new mail message
  • attach a single file containing bulk customer data to be sent to us
  • receive an electronic message notifying that the file has been successfully submitted
  • receive electronic messages notifying of file or data format validation problems
  • receive Rent Verification Reports detailing the outcome of each update you attempted to make

You can get further information on single entry and batch entry service processing by contacting the EVoR Helpdesk.

EVoR availability

The EvoR service is monitored from 7:00 am to 8:45 pm Monday to Friday AEST.

The service is not monitored on national public holidays. If you experience problems when the service is not monitored, please try again when the service is available.

Check scheduled maintenance for Business Online Services.

Helpdesk support

The EVoR helpdesk is available for support from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday AEST excluding national public holidays.

Contact the helpdesk by:

  • Freecall™ 1800 887 774, or
  • fax 1300 727 760

If you provide community housing or supported accommodation services and are interested in using this service, you can email helpdesk.ccs@humanservices.gov.au for more information.

Page last updated: 12 February 2018