Information for Agents and Access Points host organisations

Host organisations are contracted to deliver our services through a network of more than 340 Agents and 230 Access Points.

Becoming a host organisation

You can become a host organisation by responding to an advertised Expression of Interest (EOI). We advertise all EOIs in local media or prominent locations within a community.

You should fully read and understand this information before applying to act as a host organisation.

If you want to become a host organisation, we encourage you to seek professional advice before applying. Do not take these documents or other information provided by us as legal, tax or investment advice.

You need to know

About host organisations

A suitable host organisation can be a:

  • business
  • company
  • government organisation
  • community group, or
  • trading entity

Read more about the types of services Agents and Access Points provide.

General terms and conditions

Our Agents and Access Points general terms and conditions outline the agreement between us and a host organisation to deliver Agent or Access Point Services.

Contract terms and conditions

The contract terms and conditions relate specifically to your organisation.

These documents, along with the general terms and conditions, apply to us and you as the accepted host organisation.


Access Points

Specified personnel

Specified personnel are those people who will be directly providing the services agreed to in the contract for you as the host organisation. They may be:

  • employees
  • agents
  • contractors
  • advisors or
  • statutory office holders

All sites must have at least 2 specified personnel - 1 to deliver services and at least 1 backup in case of planned and unplanned leave.

Declaration of confidentiality

All specified personnel must read and sign a declaration of confidentiality.


Access Points

Criminal history checks

All specified personnel at Agent sites must undertake a criminal history check. This may include existing employees of the host organisation, who have begun providing Agent services. Some specified personnel may be able to start duties while the check is being conducted.

The Entry Level Check form should be completed, witnessed and returned to us.

All costs involved in these checks will be covered by us.


Read and understand an EOI

Before you respond to an Expression of Interest (EOI) advertisement to become a host organisation you should read and understand:


Access Points

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions contact the officer listed in the advertisement.

Respond to an EOI

As part of your response to the advertised EOI, you are required to complete the selection criteria.

Your overall response should be a maximum of 3 pages and should clearly identify how you meet all aspects of the following criteria:

  1. ability to provide suitable premises, including:
    • a shopfront with easy access for the general public
    • adequate space to cater for self service equipment and phone
    • capacity to ensure a high level of customer privacy
  2. demonstrated ability to deliver customer focused, culturally sensitive and quality service
  3. demonstrated ability for staff to educate and support customers to use a digital service offer including self service
  4. demonstrated high profile and be well respected in the community
  5. capacity to allow the self service equipment and phone to be available for customers to use during the operating hours of the business
  6. any other information you wish to provide to support your expression of interest

Work health and safety

Your response to an EOI must fully disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest as stated in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 on the Federal Register of Legislation website.

We'll consult with you as the successful host organisation on work health and safety issues. We’ll require assurances from you that specified personnel understand and are compliant with their responsibilities under the Act.

We acknowledge our responsibility, along with yours, for workers delivering Agent services.

Submit your EOI

Your EOI should be emailed to the contact officer by 5 pm on the closing date.

You must include:

  • town name
  • organisation name
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • contact person and phone number
  • postal address
  • organisation’s email
  • proposed physical address of the site
  • current business operating hours
  • completed selection criteria
  • acknowledgement that you understand the general terms and conditions and relevant schedule for either Agent services or Access Point services

Advice of outcome

We'll contact you by email to advise the outcome of your EOI.

If you're successful we'll send you an invitation and offer document.

The invitation will contain:

  • any agreed special terms and conditions
  • pricing and payment
  • other details relating specifically to your contract

You'll need to read and sign the invitation and offer then return it to us. You will then receive a letter of acceptance from us.

That concludes the formal contractual process.

Page last updated: 12 July 2018