Information for Agents and Access Points hosts

Terms and conditions

Before you respond to an Expression of Interest (EOI) you must read and understand the terms and conditions to become a host.

You must read and understand all of the following:

  • general terms and conditions
  • relevant schedule
  • information about the specified personnel.

You should contact the officer listed in the ad if you have any questions.

General terms and conditions

This is the agreement between us and a host.


This is the contract terms and conditions to become a host. The schedule you must comply with depends on if you’re becoming an Agent or Access Point.


If you’re becoming an Agent you must comply with:

Access Point

If you’re becoming an Access Point you must comply with:

Information about specified personnel

Specified personnel are people who work for a host. They provide the services agreed to in the contract. They include:

  • employees
  • agents
  • contractors
  • advisors
  • statutory office holders.

All sites must have at least 2 specified personnel:

  • 1 to deliver services
  • 1 backup in case of planned and unplanned leave.

Declaration of confidentiality

All specified personnel must read and sign the declaration. They must do this before they can start providing services. The declaration you need to complete depends on if you’re becoming an Agent or Access Point.


If you’re providing services as an Agent you complete the declaration:

Access Point

If you’re providing services an Access Point you complete the declaration:

Criminal history checks

All specified personnel at Agent sites must agree to a criminal history check. This includes employees who already work for you.

They need to complete the Entry Level Check form and have it witnessed. Once they do this they need to return it to us. We cover all costs involved in these checks.

Work health and safety

Specified personnel must know about and comply with their responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

Read the Act on the Federal Register of Legislation website.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019