Special categories for freight costs

If you are a sportsperson or a professional entertainer, or are transporting brood mares, you may be eligible for freight assistance for transporting equipment.

Freight assistance is also available to Tasmanian horse breeders who ship brood mares to the Australian mainland for breeding purposes.

Sportspeople and professional entertainers

Eligible persons

Sportspeople must be competing in a sporting event where prize money is paid. However, as financial rewards and prizes vary according to the type of show or sporting event, eligibility will be decided on a case by case basis.

Professional entertainers must receive an income, fee or financial reward from performing in a show or event. In determining eligibility, consideration will be given to whether entertainment is their occupation or main source of income, and whether entertainment is the primary purpose of the trip.

Eligible goods

Eligible equipment includes all things used directly in an entertainment or sporting event. For example, sideshow equipment, sound equipment, sports cars and horses used in entertainment and sporting events where prize money is paid. It does not include living accommodation, cars or other items for personal use.

All eligible goods must be transported by sea between Tasmania and the Australian mainland. Both legs of the round trip must be completed before a claim is lodged.

Assistance is available for accompanied passenger vehicles through the Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme.

Assistance available

Assistance is limited to that applicable to the return leg of a round trip, where the round trip consists of the outward and return sea transport of the same cargo within a 6 month period.



Tasmanian based broodmares which are transported to the Australian mainland for servicing and returned to Tasmania, are eligible for assistance on both the northbound and southbound legs of the round trip. Both legs of the round trip must be completed before a claim is lodged.

Foals born from eligible broodmares and conceived on the mainland are eligible for assistance on the return journey to Tasmania, provided they are less than 6 months old at the time of shipment. The foal does not need to accompany the mare on the southbound journey.

Tasmanian based broodmares are defined as broodmares that are either bred in Tasmania or have had at least 1 foal in Tasmania or Kings Island and Furneaux Group.

Assistance available

Assistance for eligible broodmares is paid for both the northbound and southbound legs of a round trip.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019

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